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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Pretty Hats and Hairy Spiders

Awaking early to a morning of drizzly, grey, all enveloping fug.   A cold blanket, rendering them mute.  Breakfasting in sombre mood.   Fidgety and despondent.

A sudden knifeblade of prismatic light slashing the table.  Cloud beaten by burning sun.  A bright ray bathing them.  Panacea for their mood.  They began to sing!

She set off with vigour, returning later with unexpected bounty and goodies galore …

Pretty hats and bonnets from the 40s, 50s 60s and 70s!       
Wicker hamper, wooden case and tin trunk – perfect if your name happens to be John Gibson
Charming flower embroidery – the black frame given the Annie Sloan paint treatment.
When taking it out of it's frame she found this behind.
Oversized cake stand, painted with Annie Sloan Versailles (she did later notice that she had fogotten to paint the bottom of the back strut!). 

Puffy tea cosy

A pair of little round frames.

Lovely old wool winder

Also, several whitework bedspreads and tablecloths and wearable, crisp cotton nightgowns, blouses and camisoles, all awaiting ironing and starching.

The above will all be available at the Sherborne Antiques Fair on Saturday 24th March.

And … spied by little man …
A pair of wild boar teeth (for the printers tray on his bedroom wall) and … a partially decomposed bird eating spider and friends! 
And yes, the lid comes off … and yes, for the first time ever she plucked up the courage to touch a huge, hairy, big as her hand (dead!) spider. 
Finally, a present for Mr VJ.  An enormous Victorian fish kettle – to be re-purposed as a fish and chicken smoker.
She spent the evening happily beautifying, titivating and laundering her new finds whilst watching the much maligned (but she loves it) Upstairs Downstairs.  


KC'sCourt! said...

Love all you items, especialy the hat in the top picture and the green one. Lovely piece of embroidery.
Julie xxxxxxxxx

YeamieWaffles said...

I find all of these beautiful, even the dead spider one which surprises me!

Anonymous said...


It looks like you took home the "bounty"! I suspect that you will have no problem selling everything you purchased at the Sherborne Antique Fair.

I really think you "struck it rich" with that gorgeous photo that was behind the embroidery. I have to admit though that I would have never plucked up the courage to touch that BIG BLACK HAIRY SPIDER! HA

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
Well, you would certainly have needed a sizeable swag bag to bring all this booty home with you. A trove of goodies and, they do all look so much prettier for a wash and brush up....except for the spider!!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I'd love the friends but the big hairy spider would bring on the vapors, even dead, I think it's something to do with the shape.

What a fantastic lot you've bought, what will you do with the mystery painting on the back of the embroidery?

Melanie said...

Oh my, those first three hats are wonderful!

Flaming Nora said...

Am I wrong to like the portrait hidden in the back of the embroidered picture more than the embroidered picture?

Fading Grace said...

Lovely bonnets!, you did find some great things....except the spider eeek!! x

Vix said...

I adore those hats and the three cases but had to scroll very rapidly past the spider, it scared the life out of me. x

Rose H (UK) said...

And you said my mojo was working! Great finds Marina. I never see hats anywhere near as old as those - and dare I say I'm sure I had a bonnet similar to that on as a child, itchy woollen ties if I remember correctly :o(
The fish kettle is FAB, but I'm afraid the spider and friends would have been left - ugh shudder!
Rose H

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina. Che bellissime cose che ci fai vedere....che bello poter essere lì!!! Sigh!
Un caro saluto, *Maistella*.

greenthumb said...

More lovely finds for you, I think my mum had a hat like the green- blue one.

Jelly Jam said...

Don't you just hate it when you realise you've missed a bit!? It happens to me quite often. Lovely finds.

Greenorchid said...

I just love the poppy hat... lovely embroidery tea cosy and picture too!

Mary Lou said...

wow all this hats are so fabulous, i can´t decide which one i love most, well the very first is gorgous but also the green one!

Helga! said...

O!Those hats are heavenly,esp hat # 3!!! And I love the wicker hamper and cake stand!!!
I don't love the spider!They scare the hell out of me!!!

Anne said...

Lovely finds apart from the spider! I wouldnt have touched it with a barge pole.I have such a great fear of them even if it is dead I dont know if I could even be in the same room!

A Treasured Past said...

Ooohh, the spider bug tray is pretty cool! and the little man is very brave to have touched it.

I must admit I like the hidden picture more too and would display that as is, stitches and all.

Hope the fair is a good one, Tam x

Anonymous said...

What a haul. You have such a keen and good eye for stylish things. Just where is the photo of the pigs gnashers though? I also have a cake stand waiting longingly for a bit of colour and you have kindly reminded me, thank you. Hope tomorrow goes well for you.

Aunt Jane's Attic said...

Lovely, lovely hats, love all your things, but definately not the spider, cant stand them! Julie xxx

demie said...

Dear Marina,

these objects are all with such personallity ...
but I will go for the suitcages/boxes... I have a thing for those : )

love from Norway

sarah said...

Wow what a fantastic selection of things. I think the hats look amazing!! Sarahx

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

me oh my
what treasure
boy i miss france
if only for brocantes
slim pickings in spain
plenty sunshine though
love the hats
i only ever find ratty ones
(thanks for kind wishes)


Heather Jean said...

I love bug collections!

Nattie said...

Wow what a lovely lot of bits and bobs, I rather like the spider and friends, the husbands wants to start collecting such things and have a curiosity cabinet ( much to the disgust of many of our friends! )........have a super week.
Nattie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,I found your lovely blog from blog hopping from Country Rabbits. Love your header,I'm starting My collection of Ladybird books too,up to 23! Love them,from childhood days...
Looking forward to reading more tonight,love juliexxx

Kelly-Marie said...

I so wish I was close enough to go on Saturday! I can't believe what a beauty was behind that picture. Basically I want all these finds, minus the spider. :) xx

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Love the baskets and trunks, and the hat with the poppy, but OH GOD the spider! Not sure I could have touched it, even long dead!