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Saturday, 18 June 2011

Like minded people ...

For me one of the most rewarding aspects of selling my wares at antique and vintage fairs is the people I meet.  Everyone is there for the same reason - we have a shared loved of the beautiful, bizarre, amazing, enduring items from a time gone by.  The things that some people wouldn't give houseroom we love and save, restore and enjoy.  I really do look forward to seeing my regular customers and meeting new ones.  Of course, there are also the other stallholders - I see some of them at least once a month; more often than I see many members of my family and my other close friends!  One of the stallholders that I see regularly has become a good friend and we met up for a coffee at Barrington Court on Thursday.  Mrs J - thank you for a lovely morning and for topping up my supply of THE best redcurrant jelly!  When we meet up we talk non-stop, hardly pausing for breath it seems, time flying by.  In fact ...  there could well be a couple of donkeys with no hind legs pirouetting near Barrington! 

I am now also lucky enough to have the friendship of so many of you wonderful bloggers,  supporting each other across the globe.  Amazing!

After picking up little man from school I scuttled off to one of my favourite haunts to see if I could replenish my linen stocks.  I found no linens worth having, but instead bought some lovely sheet music (for me to keep) and these beauties:

A beautiful, sparkly cake stand of grand proportions and, unusually, it is square.  It is much bigger than any I have had for a while and is very weighty.  A real centrepiece.  Demands a masterpiece patisserie confection, piled high with light as a feather cream, festooned with sugar roses and dripping with the sweetest strawberries. 
Bah, now I have that image in my mind and no cake in the house ... pass me another chocolate pleeease darling.

Pretty hand painted cups to replenish my supplies of cup candles and pin cushions.

Another big, heavy statement piece that could be used unusually in any room in the house.  A wonderfully over the top dish with sea creature handles and lots of decoration.  If I had the space to keep this one I would use it on my boudoir dressing table (if I had either a boudoir or a dressing table!) to hold my precious trinkets and to drape with necklets of sparkling jewels.  They would glisten in the candlelight as I brush my long red hair 100 times with a silver backed brush whilst waiting for my prince to arrive. 

A sweet little Moet & Chandon glass cooler petite liquorelle cooler.  A lovely little addition to the display on your drinks cabinet.

I had no intention of buying glass but you know how it is.  You go with something in mind and come away with something completely different.  I ususally try and avoid too much glass as it is cumbersome and heavy for me to carry around, although it is a delight to the eye when displayed on my stall with the whiteness of the linen and lace.  These pieces though, called out, and had to come home. 

Have a good weekend, one and all.  And, Happy Father's Day to all you deserving dad's out there.  My own pop is coming for tea and what culinary delight has he requested ...?  Ham, egg and chips with a good glass of red!! 

PS:  Whilst at Barrington, I checked on Charles - he is doing just fine.  He is living happily with several other terriers but he is definitely 'top dog'!


A Treasured Past said...

What great finds, I too can't pass up a cake stand if I see them. Few and far between here though.

The fathers day tea sounds delish, right up our alley. Happy fathers day to all, Tam x

Nelly said...

Oh what lovelies I adore that cake stand but that fishy jar you must keep it I LOVE that,.

Anna said...

Incantevoli!!! Sia i cristalli che le porcellane!! Buon fine settimana,Anna.

Susy said...

How many delicious things
you are getting, it's true you go to buy
one thing and comes out with another
I wish you a good weekend
Suzy x

Rosetta said...

Dolci!Tutte queste tue bellissime cose!Un buon fine settimana,Rosetta la tua nuova follwer

MissGinger said...

what great buys , love the cups they will look great as candles. you have a fab day and enjoy your egg and chips. xx

*Maristella* said...

Buonasera carissima! Che meraviglia queste tazze antiche e vintage, le adoro!! Lovely!!
Anche l'alzatina in vetro è un amore!! Un caro saluto e buona domenica, *Maristella*.

My Spotty Pony said...

I have several glass cake stands (not that many cakes get to stand on them!) and they do look nice on a stall with the lights behind them. The large one you found is wonderful.
I am so glad Charles is happy and settled in his new home :)
Have a lovely Sunday with your Father. His food and drink request sounds very good to me!
Abby x

Alix said...

The cake stand is lovely - nice to have a squarish one for contrast, and it really seems to gleam! Sweet little orphanied cups too! Have a nice ham, egg and chips tomorrow!

Alix said...

Oops...orphaned. Teach me to put my glasses on!

Vintage Sunday said...

Oh what a lovely cake stand ~ yes, it's so nice to have a change from the round ones ~ and it looks so lovely with those pretty tea cups on top! Hope you've had a very special Father's Day with your Dad! Love Brenda

Anna at the Doll House said...

Hello Vintage Jane

I really like your cake stand. It's so unusual. I don't believe I have ever seen a square one before: it's begging for some pretty cup cakes.


mrs cheese said...

I love all the mis-matched cups, what a find!
I bought a bag of bits of old french mattress tickings last week. YUM YUM! Now what can I do with them??????????

Florence and Mary said...

I have never seen such a lovely square cake stand!

Like you I always look for something specific in mind and come away with the opposite!

Victoria xxx