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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Sea Kale and Adders ...

Had a lovely walk at the coast recently and managed to find lots of this lovely stuff ... Sea Kale.  It was just at the perfect stage for picking.  The little florets still small and tightly packed and leaves firm with a gorgeous purply hue.


We cooked trout on our trusty paella ring and served it with the fresh sea kale, which we lightly boiled and fresh crusty bread.   And ... as if all that wasn't good enough, we were treated to a beautiful sunset. 

And, yes there were people swimming in the sea.  I didn't even dip my toes in!

The night before a pod of Bottle Nosed Dolphins had been seen in the area but sadly they didn't return the evening we were there.  Several grumpy Adders have also been seen recently and a couple of inquisitive dogs have been on the receving end of a nasty bite.  We were warned to be careful when walking through the brush on the top of the cliffs.  The warm weather has brought the adders out to sunbathe earlier than usual this year and they have been seen crossing the paths into the low grass to lie in the Spring sunshine.  Thankfully, it is more than 20 years since an Adder bite has proved fatal - if prompt treatment is sought a bite should usually result in no more than than a fever, swelling, bruising and drowsiness!

We went to the fabulous Kingsbury May Festival yesterday.  It was bigger and better than ever - wow, the organisers must work hard.  It provided everything you could ask for on a family day out - good food, excellent music, lots of interesting stalls, original children's entertainment and a wonderful, happy vibe throughout.  The whole place was awash with colour and a cacophony of different sounds.  I couldn't take any decent photos as there were so many people everywhere.  The start of the May procession, usually led by a Green Man, was this year dominated by this 7ft lady - a May Queen complete with bridal veil!! 


mangocheeks said...

The sea vegetable looks good :P I'd love to learn more about them and know which seaweeds are edible and those that are not.

People at festivals - bah humbug at them for not getting in your to take pictures. Love the May Queen, I think its great that the Green Man is letting the 'lady' have the starring role.

Alix said...

Hello hello! Just found your blog via Fading Grace's and have enjoyed a look through a few posts! It's a shame it's so late as my eyes won't let me carry on reading right now, but I'll come back tomorrow for a nice read!

Fading Grace said...

The festival looks lovely. I've never had sea kale, I think I need to take you with me foraging, I'd probably come back with dock leaves!! xx have a good day...hows the bathroom? or should I not ask?! xx