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Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pants plus ...

There are little ones …

These little bloomers are so sweet in crisp beautifully white cotton with broderie anglaise trim.

... and great big whoppers!

These XXL Queen Victoria's are also beautifully white but much larger, with an ample waist measurement of 46 inches!  Obviously, they would have had a drawstring which would have drawn them in a bit!  I think they would look great framed and hung on a bathroom or bedroom wall.  They would certainly prove to be a talking point!  Both will be coming with me to the next textile fair at Sherborne on June 4th.  Not quite sure how I'll display the ‘whoppers’ yet …

Other finds that will also be coming with me include:

This perfect, stunningly beautiful creamy, gold lace bodice piece.  It is has an 'L' worked into it and if it was framed would make a gorgeously different present for someone with the initial L.

This you will love or hate!  It is a bird confection, presumably originally intended for or taken off of a hat.  The beak is real, but don't worry, the head is not.  It is made from the softest velvet in chocolate brown and the most amazing iridescent green, and little glass eyes.  The rest of the body is made from real feathers.   An amazing addition to a vintage hat or indeed, for a milliner to add to their collection of fripperies.

A lovely dressing table tray with inlaid lace, petit point embroidery, filigree handles and little feet.  I love these little trays and if you don’t want to use them for their intended purpose, I think they make a beautiful cake stand or serving tray. 

A set of six little glass tea plates.  Amazingly, they are all in perfect condition, with no little nicks or chips.  Just right for tea time.

Lastly, this little dress.  Somebody put so much love into this dress.  Just look at the pin tucks and lace detailing to the front and on the bodice. 

I was hoping it would fit my Miss Edie (as she has been wearing the same dress for the past five years), but sadly the waist and armholes are too tight ... so it will be coming to Sherborne instead. It has a little damage that could be easily mended - lovely for a large doll or simply to display.

And, I just have to show off my Clematis - I've never had much luck with these but this one has been just divine - it is smothered in huge, blousy purple blooms.  I love it.


The Cloth Shed said...

Lovely finds as usual...the lace bodice piece is exquisite...not sure about the bird confection though!
Your clematis is beautiful....I think the harsh winter has made the plants more productive this year. The blossom on the cherry trees in the neighbour's garden is the best I have seen...
Julie x

Fading Grace said...

Poor old bird....gives me the creeps!
Love miss Edie though, lovely things xx

Alix said...

Love the little bloomers , and good to know that not all 19th century ladies poured themselves into tiny corsets! The lace, the petit point tray and the little dress are all exquisite, but I'll give the bird a miss if you don't mind!

Liz said...

Love the little dress! Have never seen a tray like that before - very pretty.

My Spotty Pony said...

Beautiful things, especially the lace bodice and your Clematis is a wonderful colour too.
I can see the bird on lady gaga's head! x