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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A good weekend ... apart from a little hiccup!

It WAS a perfect wedding!  I cried.  Being British is good and for a change we were proud of it.  The Union flag flew and we celebrated.  Thanks for the party L & J.

Mrs Fruit asked Mr Fruit which pumps looked best. "Both", he replied!


the day didn't have such a great end ...  that evening I managed to flood the bathroom!  We had been soaking willow in the bath (like you do), which had left some staining on the enamel.  I decided to put some bleach in the bath, top it up with cold water and leave it to soak.  However things didn't quite go to plan!  I left the water running, popped into the kitchen to do something else, started watching some wedding highlights, getting little man's tea, went to the garden ...  A couple of hours later(!), hubby was outside and noticed water running out from under the back door!  Luckily, the bathroom is downstairs.  Carpet has gone to the tip and everything else is drying outside. 

Had a good but tiring day at Sherborne Antiques Fair yesterday.  Came home to find a curry on the table, a glass of wine and these:

Thanks Mr!

Day mainly spent in the garden today.  'Team Pizza' pulled together - I make the dough, he does the top!  Tomato base, chorizo, prosciutto, mozzarella, marjoram and garlic.

Potted this beauty up:

I love these. They tower majestically over the irises in our garden.  Can someone tell me what they are?  I can never remember their name:


two bones and a bagle said...

Hello just popped over from Fading Grace will have a good read through your blog when I have a little more time - jobs to do today - painting car booty finds. Debs X

Liz said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear about your "accident". Hope everything dries out well! Nice pizza.

My Spotty Pony said...

That pizza looks delicious and the rest of the photos are lovely too (sorry I don't know the name of your pretty flowers).
I do hope your bathroom dries out quickly. Abby X

Traceyr said...

Loved the shoes :) The wedding was indeed a wonderful event.