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Monday, 25 April 2016

Just a few ...

... pics of some of the Vintage Jane stock sourced recently.
Some will be coming to the 
Roxy Vintage and Handmade fair at Cheddar this Saturday ...
Victorian hand painted opaline glass urn
Pretty hand painted jug
Lovely old cribbage boards
Hungarian paint rollers
and lots of beautiful true vintage clothing.

VJ has finally got to grips with Instagram too!
Find her at vintage.jane https://www.instagram.com/vintage.jane/
Pop along to IG and say hello!


Fiona said...

Oh tell me about IG...is it easy?! I'm a complete technophobe.
That vintage clothing looks exquisite.

Winter Moon said...

What gorgeous vintage finds. ♥

Amy at love made my home said...

I hope it goes wonderfully well for you, those rollers are amazing aren't they! I am just new to instagram too, I will go and find you. I am @lovemademyhome if you want to find me!

Stephanie Gaunt said...

I collect 1950s Italian pottery spaghetti poodles and cats! If you ever come across any, please let me know. They are quite rare.

handmade by amalia said...

A wonderful selection! I can't even pick a favorite, I like everything :-) I hope the sale is a great success.

Gretel said...

I'm going to find your IG account now - that jug is gorgeous! And a very belated thank you for your good wishes on my engagement. x

Delia West said...

So glad to have found you on IG I am loving it. Great finds and it was lovely to see you at the fair, dee x

Barbara Fisher said...

Hello Marina, it was lovely to hear from you today.
The Victorian hand painted opaline glass urn at the start of this post is just gorgeous the hand painted jug is pretty too.
We used to have a cribbage board when I was a girl, but I can’t remember what game we played. I suppose there must be a game called cribbage? My memories are of dad breaking matchsticks in half to use in the board. What a strange thing to remember and I didn’t know I had until I read your post.
Well done on getting to grips with Instagram, I’ve not worked it out yet, although I have opened an account. I’ve just followed you Barbara x

roughterrain crane said...

You have a lot of fine ornaments. What do you use paint rollers on?