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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tea Towels!

VJ was recently invited to review some tea towels.
She does love a good tea towel, so was happy to oblige!

The invite came from this company  
She checked out their website and was very impressed
with the wide choice of tea towels to choose from.

There really is something for everyone
with categories ranging from food and drink,
to humour, animals, birds,
fine art (some of these look lovely),
counties, nostalgia, sport and even Moomins!

There are prices to suit all budgets too,
ranging from £2.95 (in the sale) up to £11.95.

The hardest part was deciding which ones to choose!
After much deliberation,
she narrowed it down to ...

Tunnock's Teacake Wrapper (£9.95)
and ...

Houdini's Magical Rope Ties and Escapes (8.95).

They arrived the following day well packaged
and neatly wrapped in tissue paper.
The website states that orders are despatched the same day
and UK postage is free!

Tunnock's Tea Cake is made using organic cotton
and environmentally friendly inks.

VJ loves the vibrant, funky design on this one!

Harry Houdini's Magical Rope Ties and Escapes is also 100% cotton
and has a lovely vintage print and a handy hanging loop.  
Both tea towels washed well and were nicely absorbent.
Check out www.all-tea-towels.co.uk 
Great for presents or a treat for your own kitchen!

Her little man had never heard of Houdini 
which prompted half an hour of You Tube fun
watching Houdini clips!

The two tea towels VJ chose were supplied free of charge.
She was not paid to publish this review.
All views are her own.


Stephanie Gaunt said...

Tea towels have a terrible habit of accumulating. I cleared out a cupboard the other day and found about 10 I had forgotten I had - all lovely, all unused - to add to the 20 or so in a kitchen drawer. Saying that, I do faintly lust after the Tunnocks Tea Cake one - or is it just the Tea Cake....

Fiona said...

Love the Tunnocks design but I am much too tight to pay a tenner for a tea towel. Liking your basket v. much.

Amy at love made my home said...

I had some tea towels from they, they are great aren't they. xx

Delia West said...

Have a to love a tea towel and a tunnock cake to ;-) dee x

MissGinger said...

ooo I will take a look. I have one in mind, I hope they do. xx

KC'sCourt! said...

Wow! they look great, going to investigate
Julie xxxxxxx

Kizzy Von Doll said...

I love tea towels, so much fun to collect :)) x

Down by the sea said...

I too like the Tunnnock's one, they seem to have a large choice. I like the nautical ones! Sarah x