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Monday, 30 November 2015

Carnival ...

Her little man had never experienced
the noise, lights and spectacle of a carnival.
So, they headed out on a cold Saturday night,
to join the crowds lining the streets of Glastonbury.
There were some amazing floats ...
... festooned with hundreds of lights,
that briefly warmed the cold, crisp air as they passed by.

Some stood still as statues ...
while others danced.

Still night air,
thick with the smell of candy floss, hot dogs and diesel.
She felt a strange, emotional sense of pride, 
of togetherness,
and childhood memory
There were floats that made them laugh ...
... and that 'wowed' them. 

There were great feats of engineering,
articulated platforms, swinging and sliding.
Amazing creativity and imagination.
Wonderful costumes and make-up.
They joined a crowd of revellers,
on the walk back from Glastonbury to Street.
The road was closed - 
the dual carriageway, a noisy sea of happy people.


rusty duck said...

Quite amazing! So much work gone into those floats. Who funds it?

Jen said...

That looks like a marvelous carnival! Your little man must have been thrilled.

Down by the sea said...

We have always wanted to visit Bridgwater carnival but it always seems to clash with other things. Glastonbury carnival looks a good alternative and not so far! Someone told us Chard carnival was good too. I'm glad your son enjoyed his first carnival, it looks amazing. Sarah x

Amy at love made my home said...

Really incredible floats aren't they! I know that so much work and fundraising goes into them, it is such a big thing in the somerset area, it is a shame that it isn't more widespread, but good to know that it is being kept alive! xx

the woolly dog said...

What an amazing amount of work went into the floats and they look all the better for being lit up at night, he probably couldn't have had a better introduction to them, loved the cherry buns for breasts... x