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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Into Dorset

They spent a day in Dorset visiting family.
Stopping on the way at Shaftesbury,
walking up and down the famous Gold Hill and meandering along Park Walk,
Listening to 'Grandad's Jazz Band' playing Acker Bilk in the background!
They drove on ...
the chalk downs of Cranborne Chase,
a far reaching patchwork.
Walking through Cranborne village, 
wandering the garden centre and sipping spritzers in the pub garden.
After dinner walk ...
the dogs - Pete, Bert and Monty - sniffing the earthy air, running excitedly.
Winter browns transformed.
A painted cloth laid over the landscape.
Bold, bright paintbox colours.
A child's stretched strokes, bold golden stripes.
Scents of green and yellow, heady and warm.
A cuckoo calling.
Watching the sun yawn over sentinel pylons.

Thanks V & G!

Little man is in Italy this week , exploring volcanoes ... 
the house feels empty ...


haggiz said...

I love Dorset, we spent many family holidays there when the boys were young, staying at a farm. Such beautiful countryside and beaches. Looks like you had a lovely time. Julie x

WILLIE........! said...

You came ALL the way to Dorset...AND, did'nt even come visit the Godfather...Shame! Shame! HeHe! :)

I was on my way to Shaftesbury this morning, my Pinkberry rang, telling me my new TV was being delivered at ten. I had arranged a PM delivery...
So! l had to turn round, and go home.
Usually go to the W.I. on a Thursday for my goose and duck eggs!

Still! Nice to see you had a nice time...And, got through customs o.k.

Volcano's...oooO! Is he going anywhere near mine...Etna!
(That's in Sicily..You know). :>).
Climbed it on my 18th birthday..
Ah! Memories...!!!

In My Wild Eden said...

Oh such beautiful pictures. What a lovely place to live! My sons are leaving again on Monday and I too will have a quiet house. I miss them so much when they are gone. This is such a beautiful post. I hope you are enjoying your week, even in the quiet.

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

They fill up so much space don't they, he's on an adventure that's all, he'll soon be back! :) x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

How nice is that! What a stunning sunset too. Suzy x

Deborah said...

Looks beautiful, thanks for sharing :)

Bee happy x

YeamieWaffles said...

These photos are amazing Jane, just makes it all seem like so much fun to me, such an enjoyable day. Hopefully your son is having a great time in Italy right now!

Rosetta said...

Che bei paesaggi!Meravigliosi!Baci,Rosetta

*Susycottage* said...

Hello , what a wonderful place it is Shaftesbury,
I came here in April and the sight leaves me every time
breathless, beautiful photos
Susy Love x

The Faerie Factory said...

Such beautiful pictures of one of our prettiest counties. Sarah x

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina.
We were in Shaftensbury, it is wonderful!
The green of the English countryside, always moves me,
I wish I were still there!
Do not worry, your little boy is enjoying himself, when he comes home he hugs for me!
Kisses and hugs, *Maristella*.
(with translator)

Things and Thoughts said...

Very pretty and picturesque village.Stunning photos,colorful and cheerful.I really enjoyed your post!!!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Gorgeous photos. Sounds idyllic! x

Anne said...

Your pictures are beautiful.Dorset is such a stunning place.We have visited a couple of years back and I loved it. I have traced my family tree and one branch came from Dorset! If only I had known that before we visited I would have tried to visit some of the little villages they came from.

Lucys Lounge said...

lovely photos.

Rose H (UK) said...

Thank you for taking us along M, such a sweet trip to take.
I bet little man will soon fill up the house on his return, all those wonderful adventures to share with you!
Rose H

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Just beautiful!

Alessandra said...

beautiful countryside!!!!!
Your little man is in italy for volcanoes??? Is he a geologist? I am one!!!!!
;oD xxxx Ale

Jen said...

Amazing pictures--I would love to visit there one day.

greenthumb said...

What a very lovely place, so many great photos.

Streetcomber said...

Just lovely.

Rosemary said...

I must visit Gold Hill - walking up and down like the Hovis kid but minus the bike.
Lovely descriptions and photos in your post.

Sopa Azul said...

I like the houses in the first photo. Thanks for sharing!!! :D

nilly said...

I didn't realise Shaftesbury was so beautiful! And I keep pinching myself because I can't believe the trees are really covered in leaves at long last - I think it's a dream!

Madelief said...

Beautiful photo's of the English countryside Jane! Your villages are so pretty.

Happy weekend!

Madelief x

two squirrels said...

Such beautiful images.....what a heavenly place.
Love V

Maria said...

~ Never been to Dorset, Mrs VJ....But it does look very special. YOU have captured the beauty so very well in your pictures..~Hope little man has a wonderful adventure...And will be telling you all his tales, very shortly! Sounds exciting Volcanoes! WOW! with kindest thoughts...Maria x

Kelly-Marie said...

These colours are incredible! Such beautiful pictures (as always). We have fields of Rape Seed on the drive into our local town and it makes my day everytime I see them.
The Cranborn Chase is so beatiful,I hope you had a lovely time. We are hoping to head over there soon and pay a visit to Lamer tree.

I hope little man had a wonderful time adventuring in the Volcanoes. xx