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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Sun - 1, Rain - 0

As the sun shone lazily,
they ran for the hills.
To Batcombe Woods,
still bright with Bluebells,
and heady with wild garlic.
Peace and solitude ...
interspersed with playtime ... survival skills, footie and frisbee.
They picked wild herbs and Mr VJ cooked on his trusty gas stove.
Pitney sausages, little roasties, seared halloumi and a herb and wild garlic salad.
A perfect afternoon after days of grey skies and cold wind.

The next day was little man's 10th birthday!
It rained ... again ...all day ... 
plans for a trip to Ham Hill with friends were scuppered.
So they made bird food instead and got VERY messy (thanks again Rose!).
They had pancakes and chocolate cake for lunch and fish and chips for tea!
Hmm ... five-a-day ... whoops!
They watched a movie whilst she cobbled together a 'pass the parcel' game.
Rain did not stop play and little man declared it one of his best birthdays!

PS:  Devastation was wrought on the bathroom ...
She left six little people trying to wash very sticky hands, while she tidied the kitchen.
Towels were streaked with a lardy mess that extended 
to every inch of the sink and spotted the walls!  
Hey ho!!  They had fun!


YeamieWaffles said...

This sounds absolutely amazing Jane, really glad to hear such a great time was had, learning survival skills sounds so worthwhile too, happy birthday to your little boy!

Things and Thoughts said...

It seems like a mediterannean lunch!It should be great to eat outside!
Happy belated wishes for your son Jane!

Jane Aston said...

It's a great trait making things from a rain scuppered day. Wonderful to have little hands for sticky jobs. Sorry for the mess! I find myself sorting out underwear drawers, cleaning loos, fridges and areas I reserve for days when it's far too bleak outside to do the creative matters. I hope the weather turns up for you this weekend.

Plain Jane said...

Fantastic that you were able to turn on a sixpence and produce 'the best birthday ever'! I love your picnic in the woods - I STILL haven't found any wild garlic around here and I'm dying to try it out. I think I need to train my nose a bit more! Jane x

Sopa Azul said...

Just perfect!!! Enjoy :D

haggiz said...

What a great couple of days and so impressed with the lunch cooked on just a gas stove! Julie x

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Looks like loads of fun, all round! Happy Birthday to your son! :) x

the linen cloud said...

Is your OH a cordon bleu chef ... that lunch looks spectacular ...and on a gas stove ... yummy ... and happy birthday to your son ... Bee xx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely photos of what looks like a great two days! This weather's mad! x

Anne said...

Glad he had a lovely birthday. Sounds like they had a fab time, kids would much rather get messy than anything else methinks!!

Rosemary said...

Love this - the joys of motherhood.
My, my Mr VJ can certainly turn out a wonderfully delicious looking meal on his little gas stove

Rosemary said...

Love this - the joys of motherhood.
My, my Mr VJ can certainly turn out a wonderfully delicious looking meal on his little gas stove

rusty duck said...

You had fun, that's what matters! Jx

Rose H (UK) said...

What a grand day out in the sunshine! Mr VJ is a treasure, what a great cook :o)
Sending your little man belated birthday wishes. I'm so glad it wasn't a wash-out for him - Sticky fingers and lardy hands are great fun ;o) but not so great when you're the one doing the cleaning up though!
You ARE both super parents.
Rose H
(Thank you again for the link)

Jen said...

What a special couple of days! The bluebells are beautiful. And little man is now double digits--it's a great age.

I love haloumi--now I have to go get some.

Flaming Nora said...

10! such a landmark. We had one of those earlier in the year and it poured down then too. Happy Birthday Little Man.

*Maristella* said...

Dear Marina ... I wish I was there!
You know I love England, when I read your posts I feel very nostalgic!
We were in Motcombe, aaahhhh, wonderful!
The fair in Sherborne went well?
Hug your little man for me!
Kisses and hugs, *Maristella*.

Angela Richardson said...

What a delightful post, love your outdoor feast and that birthday sounds really fun.
Have a great week!!

Maria said...

~ Hey ho, these days are just the grandest! Lardy hands and sticky finger printed towels....Ooh I remember them well...Boys will be boys! Ever so pleased you all had fun...LOVE Halloumi cheese! Am going to grill some with courgettes and peppers for tea, yum yum! ~ Happy days Mrs VJ! Wishing you a great rest of week! ~ Love Maria x

two squirrels said...

Oh I love bluebells......they are just summer singing.
The birthday sounds like a true day of fun and yumminess!!!!
Love V

Kelly-Marie said...

Aww what a perfect holiday, the photo's are gorgeous. We went hunting for wild garlic but havent found any yet but when we do im going to copy your yummy salad.
Thank you so much for you kind words on my blog. xxx

Madelief said...

Souds like you had a lovely time Jane! Your photo's of the English countryside look lovely! Happy belated birthday to your little man :-)

Madelief x

The Dainty Dolls House said...

What a wonderful place, such gorgeous pictures too xx

Kristie Franklin said...

Hi Marina,

Sounds like little man had a wonderful birthday despite all the rain and muck...10 years old! WOW! Six little fellows to help him have what sounds like a great birthday lardy mess and all!

The lunch husband fixed looked delicious as did the weather for your outing! Looks like summer is on its way! :-) I just wrote a post on moving to Florida. I'm trying to get back into the groove of blogging again. Hope you'll stop by for a visit.