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Monday, 28 January 2013

Heidi vs Ratburger

Late on Sunday as the light started to fade, 
Little Man announced that he had promised to take cakes in to school the next day
to share with the other members of his Book Club (they take it in turns)!  Arrrghhh!!
So little cakes were hurriedly made and decorated.
With the warm, sweet smell of baking still in the air and the fire lit,
she hoped that they would sit awhile and look at her new books together - 
two more vintage 'Heidi's' to add to her collection, 
her favourite childhood read,   
bringing to mind happy memories of her grandmother, 
reading to her in bed, with her soft Geordie lilt.
but no, little man insisted on reading 'Ratburger'!  
by David Walliams, his favourite author, 
especially after meeting the man himself at a recent book signing ... 
... he was lovely and very funny!
And so they sampled a cake each,
sketched a little and read of the trials and tribulations
 of Zoe and her pet rat Armitage, Tina Trotts, the bully, 
and Sheila, her wicked prawn cocktail crisp eating stepmother!  


Hen said...

My son loves the David Walliams books (they do sound good, I must admit!) but has also read vintage Heidi books like yours, thank goodness. They're actually quite collectable, not sure if you know, but I've seen them for sale for £8-10.
Hen x

The Dainty Dolls House said...

Never read this book, will have to check it out for my girls. Sounds like something they would enjoy!! Lovely cakes, look so nice! I hope you have a great week ahead xx

Maria said...

Awww I loved these times...
Goose Bumps were the order of the day with mine and Felicity Wishes...
ALWAYS the late cake bake in our house too!Love maria x

KC'sCourt! said...

The cakes looks yummy, can I come to your house for cake and story time.
I love all the childrens classical stories. My favourite though is The Railway Children, I have read Heidi, and many, many others.
Julie xxxxxx

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
This all sounds, happily, a long way from Enid Blyton which was the staple diet for children when we were young.

We do trust that the cakes were only sampled and that there were enough over to take to school the next day.

YeamieWaffles said...

I used to do this to my mum all the time, only remembering to tell her things right when it's at the last minute so you did an amazing job with these, That David Walliams book sounds awesome too, I absolutely adored Little Britain.

Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Sometimes the unplanned moments are the best. Such a sweet evening! Gotta love the kids. Friday as Lucie was walking out he door for school, she said, "Oh, I forgot it's nerd day!" I'll have to see if Lucas would like to read these books. What is the grade level? Sure looks good!

Deborah said...

Used to love watching Heidi on the TV years ago! actually found Heidi Land at a service station in Germany last year :) goats and all!

Bee happy x

Kristie Franklin said...

I've never heard of David Walliams and the Ratburger, or Tina Trotts and her wicked prawn cocktail crisp eating stepmother but they sure sound funny and like something I would enjoy reading to my grandkids!

I also enjoyed reading the book Heidi and the movie with Shirley Temple playing Heidi. :)

Jen said...

Such a gentle domestic post. Your Heidi story rang so true with me. I went through similar scenes with my boys many times. But any kind of reading is good. :)
And the cakes look delicious!

June said...

I loved to watch the serialised Heidi during the Sunmmer holidays as I was growing up and we recently listened to the audio CD of Ratburger. It is seriously funny. We also have his other books on audio - they cut down the journey time and you don't hear "Are we nearly there yet!"

Mad Maison said...

Hi, thanks for visiting Mad Maison and for your comments about Wolfie...he appreciates it very much! Your site is lovely and brings back so many memories of my youth. I had a Charles dog when I was little. I will have to look out a photo of him. Look forward to 'following' you! Claire

greenthumb said...

Like how he tells you on sunday night.

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina. Sono qui per un piccolo saluto e per ammirare questi deliziosi libri vintage!! :):)
Un abbraccio, *Maristella*.

nilly said...

Oooh - I had that 1950s edition of Heidi with that same pretty cover! I WAS that little girl living with grandfather & the goats (in my dreams!)