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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Where did the years go ...

Mrs E's birthday
made her think of yesteryear
and times they have shared.
Her bestest friend.
Miss B (Mrs E) & Miss R (VJ) circa 1981

VJ - 1984
80's hair and teenage angst.

Train trips to Weymouth on a Bank Holiday Monday.
Skins squaring up to Mods.
VJ had such a crush on him ... but he never knew!
An original punk.
They hung out and he walked them home.
VJ's mohican was to come a little later.
Her pop used to shave the sides of her head 
on a Friday evening after work.

UB40 (circa 1983) ...
VJ and Astro
Mrs E & Ali Campbell
Dreaming of Terry Hall, Ranking Roger and Bob ...
she still does sometimes!!
Terry Hall - Glastonbury 1983
Mrs E's hen night - 1988
Mrs E married her Mr 25 years ago and this year they will celebrate ... in style.
We're looking forward to it ... cossie and best dress at the ready!

My, how they've grown up ... 
but they've still a long way to go!!

Happy Birthday Mrs E!


The Custards said...

Awww - the way we were...I remember my pillar box red hair that I thought was so rebellious
Thought of you this morning - it was mentioned on the radio that a woman had been hoarding over 7000 ladybird books in her attic....is that your good self I wonder?
Best wishes

Angy is my name. said...

Love it! Enjoy your celebrations! My memories are of short hair and music bands too... My hair do was a "Paul Weller from the Style Council"... My crush was too!

ted and bunny said...

oh, we were sooooooo cool then (or so we thought!)
I just wish I was warm enough these days to wear a string vest but somehow it wouldn't look right with thermals underneath.

Rosemary said...

You looked so vivacious and lovely, but I am sure you still do.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
Those were and are the days!!!

As the original Peter Pan and Wendy, we have absolutely no intention of growing up and, we suspect, that you and Mrs E will never do so either!!

What fun you will have at the Silver Wedding celebrations. Let the good times roll!!!

The Custards said...

Hello again Vintage Jane (hey that rhymes!)
My email address is
Gosh I am excited now - it was you wasn't it!
Best wishes

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Oh Lordy, I had hair like you - short and spikey and I loads of earrings (and bangles, bangles were the thing). My friend had a crush on a bloke with a mohican who we imaginatively called Mohican Man. I had a crush on his mate who was called Nigel and looked like a young Bono. I did not, however, like UB40. No. Never. xx

Hesta Nesta said...

Your pics brought back some fabulous memories of the eighties, what wonderful times they were. I was a Mod and used to go to Carnaby Street most weekends in my 60's gear and winkle pickers. I fancied a skinhead called Tony, we had a quick snog once but of course couldn't be seen together! Lovely memories for you, I have come over all nostalgic!
Jo xx

greenthumb said...

Loved to see your old photos, such great memory's. have fun.

Fading Grace said...

The eighties had a lot to answer for, but you looked fab, I on the other hand looked shocking back then, with my Mullet!! ha ha yes I wouldn't want to live it again, all far to Hairy, pardon the pun! :-)
XX see you soon Mrs x

Fading Grace said...

P.s just took me 4 attempts to do the word verification thingy.... must be getting old!!

the vanilla squirrel said...

....those were the days....my husband found an old love letter from me that just kept apologising that my hair hadn't spiked properly over the weekend as it had been raining!!!!vaguely remember my distress and sure he would no longer love me!!!!...purple pointy lips too...fabulous! x

Julie liverpoolmrs said...

What a blast from the past!

Lovely blog!

@mrsmarsa x

Biba said...

What a lovely walk down the memory lane! Congratulations :)

Liz said...

Loving those 80s pics!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

haggiz said...

Ha, I've got photobooth photos of my best friend and I from the same era, they are almost the same as yours! I must go and look those out, Julie x

grunge-queen said...

Aww, love these old 80s pics, have a few myself where my twin sis has a shaved spiky do and I have huge 80s hair. Wasn't every 14-year old in love with a punk in the early 80s? I sure was. Thanks for the lovely tribute to your friend! xo

thriftwood said...

Fab pictures! Loved The Specials, saw them in my little home town in 1980 and UB40 at Birmingham NEC in 1985 ... oh the nostalgia! Thanks for sharing your style, your memories and your friendship xx

Josie-Mary said...

What a lovely post, brought back happy memories for me too. A picture with Ali Campbell..... you lucky ladies! I'm off to see Ranking Roger in April, always a great night out x

YeamieWaffles said...

This collage of memories is just awesome to me Jane. Mrs E deserves an absolutely amazing birthday and I hope she gets that! I'm going to see the Specials this year perhaps, do you reckon it's worth me going? Two friends of mine already have tickets already.

Kristie Franklin said...


What a blast from the past! I always wore my hair short too. It is very becoming on you. Congratulations to Mr. And Mrs. E! Great tunes back in the day!

Maria said...

I love these type of posts.....
Awww The Good Old Days....I saw Terry Hall in my home town with the Body snatchers in 1980...( Mrs Thriftwood) would have been at the same concert too....hehe! He has the most piercing eyes ever! Gosh must have been that close...Great pictures of YOU, really enjoyed this trip down memory lane Mrs VJ!!
Love Maria x

A Treasured Past said...

Om my goodness, I loved the 80's! I had very short hair too and loved Echo and the Bunnymen (we could have seen then whilst on our trip but didn't. I didn't want to ruin my memory of them all young and spunky) and the Cure. You look so cute, I am sure you still do.

Happy birthday wishes to Mrs E and Anniversary too. T x

p.s I'd have a crush on him too!

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina.
Il 1983, quanti bei riocrdi, la mia giovinezza! Sono diventata mamma di Alice in quell'anno...
Gli UB40 mi piacevano molto, ma anche i Police, i Tears for Fears...
Un abbraccio, *Maristella*.

Madelief said...

So brave of you to post photo's of the past! I too scared to do so :-) You look fab!

Happy birthday!

Madelief x

Vix said...

Great pictures! Did you know that Ranking Roger breeds dogs and lives in Smethwick! He's a regular in my friend's shop! x

nilly said...

Oh dear - it looks as if I'm the only one of your followers who is an original 1960s Mod...or am I?

demie said...

Hello Marina!

Great 80's picks! Love the punk haircuts ;)

Enjoy your evening

gillyflower said...

Wow, a real blast from the past!
Great photos, and how lovely to still be in touch with your friend and share the memories!
I never did the spiky hair thing (it wouldnt have gone down well where I was working (in London)in the 80s!)
And I was always a bit of an old hippy anyway!
Gill xx