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Tuesday, 24 January 2012


 Meet Trevor … a sweet, plucky, lively little chap looking for a new home! 
Adopted as a pup by Mr & Mrs Finderley-Potts.  A companion following the demise of their faithful retriever Hartley, he has proved to be too much for them and, in particular … their Dahlias!
They were warned.  Hartley was old, quiet, sleepy.  Trevor is young, lively, still in adolescence, puppily mad.  But they thought he would be fine, they would train him, tame him.  And all things considered he really wasn’t too bad … when he was indoors!  

But it was the garden, the garden that contained their prized Dahlias.  Year after year they scooped prize after prize at the village show for their blousy blooms.  They nurtured, primped, preened, fortified and caressed their vibrant beauties.  Fed, watered, de-slugged, de-snailed and raged war on earwigs.
But Trevor and the Dahlias did not mix.  Seemingly untrainable, deaf to the sound of their anguished cries  - the minute he got a whiff of the outdoor air, the slightest sniff of a breeze, scooting through their legs, shooting through the door, a twitchity canine, possessed, scampering and jumping.  Chasing butterflies through the pompom heads waving gently in the air, awash with the hum of summer, digging in the loose warm earth.  Stem after stem snapping in two as Trevor gambolled through his playground, frolicking happily after the dark, stifling stuffiness of the Finderley-Potts home.   A furry dervish, he reduced them to tears.
Missing their docile, placid Hartley … in exasperation, they gave up on him.  Now fostered by the VJ’s, he is happy to be allowed to run in a garden that presently resembles a patch of urban wasteland.  Peversely, he is starting to quieten down, but still demands  lots of love and attention, a garden to run in and strictly no Dahlias!  Seems to love eating frozen peas too.

PS: becomes slightly delirious when tickled behind his ears.

Trevor has now been adopted.


Alix said...

Oh I would so dearly love to give Trevor a home, but I'm not sure I can give up my intensive dahlia breeding programme...
Thanks for the smiles this miserable morning!

Hello Vintage said...

Oh, how could they give him up? Very xute. Sherry :)

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
Oh, we love Trevor!! He has such a soulful expression, one would surely forgive him for crashing through the Dahlias, we know that we should. Trevor seems to have the perfect combination of an impish spirit with adorable good looks. He deserves a loving home!!

Rose H (UK) said...

My garden is a dahlia free zone, the problem would be calling him in though - hubby's name is Trevor!

Liz said...

Trevor is gorgeous - what a handsome lad!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Nelly said...

He would be ever so welcome to live with us he is soo cute,

jill said...

I know 3 little boys who would just a love Trevor.Love Jill xx

Jelly Jam said...

So cute! I can never resist an old pushalong particularly those with a pretty face.

Fading Grace said...

I have just had a word with Stanley....it's seems they are related on Trevor's Mother side. Small world!! :-) If it wasn't for the fact that there is no room for any more creatures on wheels in my house, I would buy him for sure .....
see you sat 7am,,eeek! xx

Mary Lou said...

oh trevor is really adorable i would adopt him too if i could be sure my dog and my kitties would let him alive haha

Anonymous said...

Shame! Poor Trevor. Frolicking and chasing butterflies in the garden would surely kill the Dahlias.

I hope the VJ's take good care of him and I'm glad there are no more Dahlias for him to get a hold of.


Anonymous said...

I so enjoyed your story, it made me laugh and Trevor is a real treasure! Looking forward to following your lovely blog and so glad you found mine so I could reciprocate.

mrs cheese said...

Trevor is a handsome brute!
If he needs to come for a holiday let me know. Tell him his cousin is sitting in my loft and he could do with a bit of company

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina. Che meraviglia questo antico gioco, che fortuna trovarlo!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

He's adorable. There are invariably frozen peas on my kitchen floor when I've been cooking and my garden lacks dahlias, he's welcome to come and leave with me!

Bee happy said...

Great post and how cute is Trev!! there is a spare basket here if he wants a holiday ;)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh Trevor, lucky you have been adopted as I am sorely tempted and Boodle would be most put out! Happy Sunday,

Sarah -x-

Am Bothan said...

Very poetic post! A touch of the A.A. Milne's I thought. Hope he finds a new home soon.

Jen said...

He is marvelous and I am so happy to see that he has a home with the Hattatts--lucky dog!

helen tilston said...

Hello Jane

It warmed my heart to see your post and the Hattatt's post of today. What a beautiful chain of events. Trevor's story continues and can you imagine the interesting conversations he will be privy to. He will never be bored and his view of the ocean!! I must say I am not the jealous kind but this just stirs an inkling of of that dreaded sin in me when I look at Trevor's good fortune. Did you negotiate for visiting rights Jane?
I love this story and would make a wonderful theme for a book.
Have a delightful weekend.
Helen xx