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Saturday, 19 November 2011

She's feeling it ...

She set up her stand, prettified and titivated, in readiness for the evening fair.  She and her fellow traders, in the beautiful Treasurer’s House, listening to festive music and hanging fairylights.
She whizzed home, changed into her gladrags and they set off for their favourite village pub.

  He treated her to lunch … because she’s worth it!!!! 

Welcoming flames warmed the chill.
Freshly baked pork pies still warm from the oven set on a time worn wooden board with fruity chutney and a little pail of crisp chunky chips.  Hot sticky toffee pud and honeycomb vanilla ice cream melting into a pool of glistening caramel sauce.  Ravenously hungry, she devoured the lot before remembering to take a photo!
They only had one each!
A leisurely wander through Sherborne, home to pick up the little man and then as evening approached she returned to the Treasurer’s House for an evening of shopping by fairylight.  A wonderful Medieval house with Great Hall, completed in 1293.  The perfect setting for this wonderful annual event. 
Beautiful stalls manned by friends who work so very hard.  She sold gifts galore - candles and cards, buttons and jars.  Thank you dear customers.

Jozef Mesar Woodcarving
And thank you RP & EP (lady with the lovely smile and enviable hairstyle) for your acceptance of invasion, your time, lamps, tea ... !

Happy faces, twinkling lights and air rich with the scent of mince pies and mulled spices.  She welcomed Christmas back with open arms last night!
The fires will be lit for the first time tonight!

Beechwood fires burn bright and clear
If the logs are kept for a year;
Store your beech for Christmastide
With new cut holly laid beside;
Chestnut's only good, they say,
If for years 'tis stored away;
Birch and fir-wood burn too fast
Blaze too bright and do not last;
Flames from larch will shoot up high,
But ash-wood green and ash-wood brown
Are fit for a Queen with a golden crown.

Oaken logs if dry and old,
Keep away the winter's cold;
Poplar gives a bitter smoke,
Fills your eyes and makes you choke,
Elm-wood burns like churchyard mould,
E'en the very flames are cold;
Hawthorn bakes the sweetest bread -
So it is in Ireland said;
Apple-wood will scent the room,
Pear-wood smells like flowers in bloom,
But ash-wood wet and ash-wood dry,
A King may warm his slippers by.



A Treasured Past said...

That sounds like a day of perfection! Tam x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
This sounds perfectly lovely and, what is more, we are absolutely delighted to know that you did so well with your sales. The whole day appears to have had a magical touch to it which not only makes it very special but memorable too.

Gretel said...

What a wonderful day, conveyed perfectly by your beautiful pictures! And well done on a sucessful sales day too. :)

Floss said...

An increadible day - I loved reading about it. I also really like your poem. Here in France we're told that a mixture of oak, accacia and (oops, one other local hardwood, forgotten its name) is the best.

Susy said...

That must have been a beautiful day!
I'm glad that you've sold so many
beautiful things.
Have a nice weekend
Susy x

BusyLizzie said...

sounds like a perfect day! Lizzie x

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina.
Che luoghi meravigliosi! Mi fai venire una grande nostalgia!!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

greenthumb said...

Sounds like you had a lovely day out. I look the little christmas trees hanging in one of the photos.

Anonymous said...

Lovely day spent enjoying lunch and selling your wonderful wares. I like the poem. In just a few more day, start of the Christmas holidays here in the US. Christmas trees, lights, cookies, and gifts and remembering the real meaning of Christmas.


minnie said...

sounds wonderful, had forgotten how great the queens arms were... the treasurer's house would have been wonderful by fairy light

Minnie x

VintageVampalicious said...

I had a visitor over to stay and we almost went to the Queen's Arms, it was a toss up between The Kigsdon Arms or there & we chose the closest, but it looks really nice, perhaps next time I get a visitor we'll go there.
Sorry I missed the fair, we were shattered after going to Bridport & walking along the beach. Hope it all went fab'. x

Rose H (UK) said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Enjoy that fire :o)
Rose H

Brown Paper Packages said...

Oh what a lovely post! I could FEEL the words.. i love it when that happens - when feelings surpass just reading ...

ted and bunny said...

hiya- thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog- how right you are!

Hope all is well with you, I love this post. The handmades you've shown look beautiful, no wonder they sold so well

gillyflower said...

What a wonderful day you had by the sounds of things!
Well done on a successful evening sale!
Gill xx

Country Girl said...

Just found your lovely blog - drawn in by the Ladybird books!

In My Wild Eden said...

I love your beautiful post about your wonderful day. The poem is wonderful too!

Milady Productions said...

beautiful fairy kingdom you live in!