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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

What's New ...

Whilst Mr and little man helped to build a straw bale house that even the biggest wolf could not blow down, I picked up my basket and headed not for the woods but off to a local sale for a little treasure hunting.  Here are just a few of the finds my overflowing basket contained when I returned …
Fabulous turquoise Liberty of London dress with feather detailing to the shoulders
Black crepe, velvet collared top with heavy beaded sleeves
Lilac velvet ruched and ribboned floppy turban.  I love this!
I bought lots more gorgeous vintage clothes but just didn't have the time to photograph them.  Some are keepers and some flew off the rails at Sherborne on Saturday!
Half a dozen heavy glass sweetie jars, with British Made to the bases
1960s flower decoration, pretty pink jug and country gent photo!
He has the tiniest shoulders and super high waisted trews!
Gorgeous piece of hand embroidery, large French ebony mirror and one huge button! 
(embroidery and mirror sold)

Beautiful set of five Japanese embroidered pieces edged with gold thread
Lovely old cases
(bottom case sold)
And finally, I just had to have this ... inside the plain brown card folder is an amazing portfolio of illustrations, showing everything from butterflies to costume to architectural designs to skeletons.  Over 100 large pages in excellent condition, dating from around the 1960's.  Here are just a few of the pages ... 
There are so many more showing scientific drawings, maps, weaving etc ... 
This is the case I bought last week, now lined with old sheet music and perfect for displaying small treasures on my stall.

Had a great day at my regular monthly Sherborne fair on Saturday.  Need to re-stock for upcoming Christmas fairs somehow.  Lack of time is proving to be a real problem at the mo - I need to find some spare time from somewhere to go buying, sewing, repairing and polishing ... 
I bought this too - perfect for displaying my cup candles and pin cushions and folds flat so takes up hardly any room in my little car.
Looks even better now it has been spruced up with a coat of paint - thank you for your help little man!
I love this - my new money apron from Little Crooked House.  It has four pockets, two of which are velcro sealed, ideal for notes.  If you fancy one, the wonderful lady at Little Crooked House makes them to order and has a lovely array of fabrics for you to choose from.    
Hmm, perhaps I should have ironed it before modelling it!

Can I also say two thank yous ...

Firstly, to all my lovely new followers and to all those who leave such lovely comments - I read and appreciate them all.  I try to reply to as many as possible - if I don't it is because I have just run out of time OR it may be that you are a 'no reply-comment blogger'.  I have noticed that several of my regulars do not have their email address in their comments and hence I, and others that you comment on, are unable to reply to you. 

Thank you to you all ... you make it worthwhile!

Secondly, a thank you to the lovely Jane and her son (you know who you are) who bought a few things from me on Saturday and were so kind about my blog.  Her lovely hug warmed my heart and made my day extra special.  Customers like Jane remind why I do what I do and make me love it even more (even on cold, wet mornings when I am carrying heavy boxes from car to table in a sleepy stupour!).


www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

WOW Jane! You really did find some great things. Love the book with all of those pictures and of course the suitcases. Your apron is great. Perfect for the shows right? Thanks for stopping by and have a great week:)
~Debra xxx
Capers of the vintage vixens

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
We really do wonder how you find the time for all of this, and to run a home and to care for your family as well as all of the other things in life which are so time consuming. What we are certain of is that you achieve it all with huge success and personal enjoyment.

If only we were close to you and able to visit your stall at Sherborne, Bridport and other places, for we know that we should find much of interest in your varied and eclectic stock. We love all that you show here, not least the ebony mirror, the wonderful Liberty dress, the suitcases and, of course, the sweet jars which we are, rather sadly, old enough to remember!

fabriquefantastique said...

specially like the display table/stand 'cos it FOLDS UP.

mrs cheese said...

The portfolio of pictures is amazing!
What a find.
Wish I lived closer so I could come and peruse your wonderful wares

Jelly Jam said...

I am in love with that turquoise dress! What sort of size is it? I bet it's tiny. If it's not, will you be bringing it to Bridport and can I have first refusal please!!?
I'm stopping eating as of this moment!

Rose H (UK) said...

Oh my! What a lovely bunch of finds Marina :o) I'd really have difficulty choosing a favourite.
I had an identical folding table, but as I'd had it for over a year and still not done anything (hangs head in shame) I passed it on - wonder if it found it's way to you? You've made a lovely job of it :o)
Thank you for your lovely comments. The hoggies have worryingly disappeared - I'm wondering if word had got round that I'm a kidnapper!?
I'm sure that your visiting foxes, toads and frogs are just as fascinating.

annie said...

So many wonderful treasures, but that portfolio of illustrations is amazing! What an assortment!

My Spotty Pony said...

You bought such an amazing assortment of stock, I want it all! Such a shame I live so far away as I would love to visit your stall. Abby xx

Anonymous said...


You certainly know how to make wise purchases and you have a treasure trove in that portfolio of illustrations! So glad you were able to sell your items at the fair. It seems while you are always glad to sell all of your items, you have to be ready to replenish what you sold with new handmade items and new finds. There is always something to do!

Take care,


greenthumb said...

So many treasures you find, no wonder you run out of time.

haizi daizi said...

What scrumptious finds ~ I love the sweetie jars, the suitcases, the suitcase lined with music sheets, what a fab idea, and the gorgeous stand that you've painted blue. Mmmmmmmm ....... I would love one of those. Wishing you a happy day ~ Haizi x

Fading Grace said...

Such lovely finds, Definately been a sweetie jar week. How was the flea? I love the old papers, will you do something with them or just sell them as they are? Hope to catch up soon
Love Sophie xx

Ava said...

You always find the best things, and now it's official...You always leave the loveliest of lovely comments too. Thank you xx Ava

Eleni said...

Oh wow, that blue dress is so Margot! But those illustrations...my goodness, what a find! Do you think they were all drawn by the same person (and that you now own their artist portfolio) or do you think it is an enthusiast's collection?

Nelly said...

My question is How the heck are you able to part with it all? Seriously I need to know lol.
So many things I would have kept but must try hard to start selling things instead.xx

Brown Paper Packages said...

Oh my! Swooning over the portfolio... literally. in fact - Making mental plans to sell children in order to afford airfare and enough dosh to buy the whole lot from you! What a find. Best of luck at your stall and please know that if I did not live at the bottom end of the planet I'd probably be verging on some kind of creepy stall stalker!!

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

such great finds- I think my favorite are the butterfly/anatomy posters from the 60's.

Lorraine Young Pottery said...

The first few photo's would make a peacock blush. That's some nice fabric! The velvet color is my favorite.

xx Lorraine xx

Greenorchid said...

WoW what finds... just love the illustrations!!

Carla said...

You got ALL that at the Sherborne Fair? Oh blimey I really did miss a treat. Lovely vintage clothes too. NEXT TIME....

Mimi and Tilly said...

I've really enjoyed catching up on all your posts. I love your new money pinny, the colours are gorgeous. I love vintage books too, and really enjoyed seeing photos of your vintage book finds. Em x