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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Feasting in Dorset

She wasn’t going to go, but the lure of the buttons was too great.  The auctioneer said Lot 58 and she nodded her head … again and again … until they were hers.  Just over 1000 (yes one thousand) buttons! 
Inside a dirty little canvas sack and in rusty old tins inside a rather nice enamel bread bin.  They were hers, all hers. 
She wanted to go home and play with them but the sun was shining and a much needed day out was beckoning.  They went to the Fair – the Eat Dorset Food Fair.  
In the deer park of Parnham House, set amongst grand aged trees stood a gaggle of bunting bedecked marquees containing a foodie smorgasbord, a world of culinary delights, sweet fancy and heavenly bites.
He watched a fishy demonstration whilst she and the little man sampled delicious cheeses, breads, and dips.  Divine cakes and chocolates.  Traditional, unusual and the odd surprise. 

Fantastic breads and pies from Leakers Bakery, Bridport
 Chilli kicks and sugar rushes.  Proud makers and clever bakers.  
West Country Water Buffalo - they make the best faggots ever!
Sumptious savouries on silver salvers.
Artful displays.  Mouths watering, purses opening.

Champagne & Oysters
She filled her basket with olives, dukkah, ham, spicy broad beans, pork and apricot pies, cheesy bites, fudgy brownies and delicious pear juice. 
Mr raved over the Olives et Al 'Aussie Olives'.  He has consumed two jars since Sunday and has added them to his Christmas list!
One of their favourite stands, The Baking Birds, scrumptious cakes and savouries to die for.  A blinkin' brilliant brownie was devoured by little man.
Fantastic quality ham from 'Dorset Farms'
Oh and they had pizza from the fabulous 'Jalopy Pizza' van.  Really tasty, authentic wood fired pizzas - they also keep the customers at Bridport Vintage Market very happy!
They met up with Hungarian friends and picnicked like kings in the beautiful gardens.  Like Alice and her Wonderland friends they sat in the giant’s chair, they waltzed to the lake, dreamt of living in that splendiferously wonderful house! 
Sculpted conifers, trickling water.  Nymphs and maidens. 
They wanted to stay, to play on the perfectly manicured tennis court, paddle in the stream. 

They wanted to peep through the windows, to be beckoned in, to be invited to stay a while …
Slowly making their way, evening appearing ...
She was sad to leave her enchanted garden.
But ... there were lots of buttons waiting at home.


Liz said...

Looks like an amazing day out! You must be so excited about all those buttons!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

KC'sCourt! said...

Ooooh! Buttons - can I come and help sort them.......?
You has an amazing time
Julie xxxxxxxx

Carla said...

You have x-ray vision and eagle eyes, I didn't even notice them, well done you and thank you for giving me the bits you didn't want. The candlestick is in my loo now alongside some other green glass items.
I'm currently spending silly amounts at another auction - eeek!

Fading Grace said...

Oooh lucky you all those buttons. Looks like you had a lovely day xx

Anonymous said...


What a wonderful day out! It looks like you had a great time. The breads, and desserts look heavenly. I also love olives, and cheese BUT what in the world are faggots? I don't have a clue?


*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina...che meraviglia poter essere lì per ammirare e gustare tutte quelle delizie!! Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

mrs cheese said...

WOW just look at all those beautiful buttons.
Lovely lovely lovey!

Flaming Nora said...

Blimey that sounds like you have packed about 3 weeks worth of stuff in to the day!

Nelly said...

I am so please she went and bidded and won and went on to eat and buy and have so much fun.Bet she was exhausted by days end tho xxx

Eleni said...

Put all the buttons into a bathtub and dive in!

Tania said...

Your 'she' and 'he' sound remarkably like a 'she' and 'he' I know rather well. Except this she wouldn't have been able to wait on the button front and they'd be all over the car by now...

Robins in the Trundle Bed said...

What a wonderful time you had at the fair. We'll be on the next boat over to join you! I wouldn't have wanted to go either! Is there anywhere you could have hidden, been locked in and had a grand adventure to blog about?!!! Just make sure the place doesn't have guard dogs!! We love buttons too! We went to an estate sale at the Heywood mansion(have you heard of Heywood Wakefield wicker?) here in town and found a box of buttons so huge we needed help carrying them to the car. We could hardly wait to open them when we got home, only to discover they were all the same cream button! Not as exciting as we imagined but they look fab in huge antique jars that our gram used for pickling!
Love your posts....quite magical!

Vix said...

Can I come with you next time? Not only have you whipped me into a frenzy over those divine buttons (which I'd take delight in sorting into colour-coded piles) but you've made me ravenously hungry. x

Cottage and Broome said...

Love the buttons what a lucky bid! I agree with Vix above about color sorting, I'd be happy to take the pink ones. Laura Cottage and Broome

The Vintage Bazaar said...

nice button haul! very jealous! Lizzie x

Helga! said...

O my what a lovely pile of buttons-and they came "wrapped" beautifully!
I'm just drooling over all that delicous food...it's only 8:13am here,but I'm STARVING for delicious treats!x

annie said...

Sounds like a perfect day! The sweet treats, the breads and pizza looks so good! all those buttons to sort and imagine how you'll use them...enjoy!

'odd and old' Linda Dacey said...

zut alors
this just makes me
and thanks for
passing by
chez moi
nice blog mrs


Jane The Booklady said...

Hello Marina, That looks a perfect day out. I too bought a hige amount of buttons recently... I can't resist them either! Jane x

polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh wow the enamelware and the pastries and the pizza........wow I could go on and on ....the buttons!

Anonymous said...

sounds fantastic, we had thought of going but had a visit to a friend who is not well.. love the wonderful descripitions of that fabulous food... yum!!

Madelief said...

Dear M,

Looks like you had a lovely time at the fair. I always enjoy going to places like this as well. Oh those buttons...I can imagine how happy you must be with them. They are a real treasure!!

Happy evening,

Madelief x

haizi daizi said...

What a splendid way to spend the day, lovely pictures, gorgeous food and a big supply of buttons to go through at your leisure, pure bliss! Enjoy and have a good day, Haizi.

Mimi and Tilly said...

What a wonderful day. All the food pics had me wishing I was there, I absolutely love a good food fayre type event. I almost had a lick of my computer monitor when I saw the ham. Sad but true... Your buttons look amazing, I bet you've had a fab time sorting through them and finding treasures. Em xx

esme and the lane way said...

What a wonderful day!

Laurie said...

OH my goodness! All in one day? That would be a weekend to me! Despite all that food...I think my favorite part was the BUTTONS! Oh my goodness I cannot wait to see more of them! And, um, waterbuffalo??!

greenthumb said...

Looks like you hadva great day out, what fun. Love all those food photos.

dina vanessa mercado said...

nice collection of buttons!!! so cute.. foodie looks yummy! was the food free there? hope you enjoyed the fair... love your blog..following you now... hope you could visit my blog too... kissess!!!!


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gillyflower said...

Oh you lucky (and clever!)girl to win all those buttons - heaven! What a wonderful time you will have sorting through them - hours of fun to come!
Looks like a perfect day out too with all that wonderful food to be had, and in such glorious settings with friends.
Thanks for your comment, you made me feel a whole lot better about my unfinished hall and, (maybe not so good!), you made me feel reckless and what the hell lets just go with the whim of the moment and start yet another room!!! He he!!!
Gill xx

Brown Paper Packages said...

This post had me drooling & daydreaming all at once! What a find those buttons are! Can't wait to see your amazing creations! :-)