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Monday, 3 October 2011

Summer's Swan Song

The first of October flamed and they ran late afternoon to the coast, happy to have a last chance to laze in the sun.  The coastline had shed its gentle furrows and a storm riven shelf was hewn into the pebbles.  They sat high, watching and listening, engulfed in the warm air. 

The sea lurching from wild and confused to slow and languid. 
Salty foam on amber jewels.   
The little ones found a majestic wooden sea monster.  They sent it back to the water and watched it drawing back and reaching out, pulled from sheltered shore to a lair in the swirling, bubbling depths of the ocean. 
 They regaled tales of piracy and swashbuckling.
She too was lost in reverie, fancifully musing on what could be … may be. 
Sewing in the sun, softly plumping hearts for pretty ladies to pin sparkly brooches.   Soft washed linen and crocheted lace
He was thinking of autumnal fare … pumpkins and pies. 
With dear friends they shared the summer’s parting gift, enjoyed food, wine and felt glad … that they were all there, together, feeling very small in a big world.
Hungarian Cake to share
The brightness dimmed and fires burned.  A sharp pointed moon beamed a path across the sea, beckoning.  Fishermen silhouetted in the sunset, casting lines.

Cold fingers of breezy air started to pinch, blankets of wool losing their battle against the evening’s onset, sending them home. 

They said farewell to their simple escape, their shared secret.  When they return it will be to a harsher place, a different view, a colder breath, until summer’s return.  


Lorraine Young Pottery said...

Wet rocks and white topped waves on a sunny beach. I feel refreshed and salty.

Thanks for letting me know about the no reply thing. I think I fixed it, should work now for new website email updates. I think you will love my two headed deer, I just finished painting it... eeekkk!

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
What a beautifully written, atmospheric piece which so perfectly captures the warmth of an Indian Summer and the ebb and flow of the sea. And, all so sensitively photographed. We have so enjoyed reading this and have been entranced by the magic of your day spent at the seaside with family and friends.

Your linen pincushion looks so pretty, the perfect addition to any home. Oh for the jewels to stick in it!!!!

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina, ma lavori anche al mare, ma sei una fata!! Vedo che anche voi avete ancora giornate estive...che strano questo mese di ottobre!
Un caro saluto e buon lavoro, *Maristella*.

Anonymous said...


It looks like a lovely day spent at the beach. The pictures are so pretty and did I see what looked like some beautiful sachet hearts being created? They are lovely Marina. Blue being my favorite color, I am fond of the blue and white striped heart with the bit of lace on the front. Where do you find such lovely fabric? I've yet to find any like that?


My Spotty Pony said...

How lovely to have spent such a glorious day in October at the beach. Sadly we said goodbye to summer on Friday here in the north of England.
Your padded hearts are so pretty, I love the fabric you have chosen too :)
Have a great week. Abby xx

Romi and Bob said...

Lovely.One of those special days. I am looking at your cake and wishing it were mine.Your pictures are beautiful. Ilike to feel small but safe with my family too.xxx

greenthumb said...

Looks like you had a lovely day down at the beach, great photos and that cake looks so yummy.

OhSoVintage said...

What a great post and stunning photos. So many people were enjoying a day on the beach this weekend. We travelled to north Cornwall though we live by the sea here in Hampshire.

Jen of Country Weekend said...

What a lovely post about a special day. Very evocative. And I badly want a slice of the cake.

Brown Paper Packages said...

What a lovely post. What a careful account... No detail missed. What an honor to share such a special day with you... Thank you for sharing. :-)

Ann said...

That is such a great day you had!

And you've sweetly described it...

with lovely photos and words ♥

LaPouyette said...

Very beautiful and a lovely post!

Best wishes for more sunny October days,

A Treasured Past said...

Gorgeous photos! The cake looks delicious too!

We had a lovely visit to Lyme Regis while we were there, and did pass very close to you although it was quite late to be dropping in.

Would you believe we went to the Beach in Portishead? It turned out to be rocks, mud and muddy water..no wonder the girl in the shop looked at me funny when I asked if there was a beach nearby.

Hope all is well, I have quite a bit to catch up on, Tam x

Huckleberry Creative said...

Sounds and looks like an absolutely beautiful time!

Sylvia said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time !
I enjoyed this post, lovely photos !
Wish you a nice day,

Mannequins Dream said...

great pictures! :D Xx