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Monday, 3 November 2014

Oh, she had a wonderful time ...

... at the Selvedge Winter Fair,
in Chelsea Town Hall
Escaping their family trip to London
for a couple of hours ...
she savoured some 'me time',
and wandered the hall,
entranced by beautiful stands ...
So much creativity ...
originality, minute detail ...
There was vintage,
and ancient,
fair trade,
sewing notions and haberdashery,
the most beautiful hand printed fabrics,
statement jewellery,
and the softest alpaca socks in every colour imaginable.
tweeds and the cosiest blankets.
All of the highest quality,
in a wonderful setting.
She came away happy, 
with a little bag of purchases!

She met up with her man and little guy 
at the gallery down the road ...
where mutant ants were running amok ...
Later they wandered the South Bank,
watching revellers enjoy the warmest Halloween on record.


Vix said...

I'm pleased she and he had a great time. i love browsing fairs to see how they are laid out, getting ideas for the future. xxx

Shrimpton and Perfect said...

I must try and make it to the next Winter Selvedge event. Trouble is there is so much on at the moment i can't seem to get to everything. Glad you had such a lovely time.


Emma Kate at Paint and Style said...

The Kings rd was my old stomping ground. That fair looks heavenly! Even if you don't buy, it's so inspiring just walking around fairs like that.
Not so taken with the ants! xx

Kezzie said...

Oh who oh who is the maker of those beautiful pillbox hats!!! I MUST know!!!
WHat a lovely time she had though I she is braver than I with those ants..x

Amy at love made my home said...

Gosh there were some lovely things there at the fair weren't there. Not sure about those ants though! xx

nilly said...

What a treat! Selvedge magazine is such an inspiration too.

Ethel Johnson said...

I do wish she had taken me with her...it looked right up my street. xx

Madelief said...

Looks like a lovely fair! Wish I could have joined you!

Have a good evening!

Madelief x

Barbara Fisher said...

We were on the Southbank at Halloween, just think we might have walked right past you. We went up to see the poppies at the tower and then took a slow walk along the river to the houses of parliament and the London Eye. Caught the 7.20 train back from London to Templecombe - I wonder if you were on it? The Selvedge Fair looks amazing, and those ants at the gallery are quite something.

Kizzy Von Doll said...

The ants on the wall are amazing, love that!! I would have been there for ages :))) Am glad you enjoyed doll, have a wonderful weekend xx

humphreycumfycushion said...

Such lovely treasures - looks a special day.

Tammy Chrzan said...

Craft fairs are very dangerous places for me as I spend way too much money!! But ohhh how I love them! Those Ants though, omg they freak me out so much, I actually live in a State where there are fire ants everywhere and they actually look like that all running and attacking, however, they aren't that big... Thank God!
I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend, Tammy x

Kelly Jackson said...

Looks like a lovely day! I envy your me time. :)

Kristie Franklin said...

Hi Marina,

Oooh, how fun! Look at all those goodies. I would have really enjoyed a day out like that.

All those ants running around...Something most lil guys love. He looks adorable standing there, so sweet.

I hope you are well. How's the weather there? It is really unseasonably cold here. Brrrr. I'm trying to keep warm. I can't believe how cold it is this early in the season. We are preparing for Thanksgiving and will be making a trip to Indiana where we grew up to stay with my girlfriend and her husband for Christmas. I hope the weather will be okay. It is a 9.5 hour drive from here and at this time of the year anything is possible from freezing rain/ sleet to snow there.

I hope everyone is well and staying warm! Take care.

susan said...

Oh, what a wonderful experience! It looks like the type of place that you could wander through for hours and find lots of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

Busy Lizzie said...

looks as if you had a fab time. Selvedge certainly looks like a wonderful event. lizzie x