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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

They clapped and cheered ...

... as exhausted runners ran down the Mall,
uplifted by spectator support,
the end in sight.
The VJs hadn't intended to watch the Marathon.
When they booked a short break to London a few months ago, 
they were unaware that this year's race was set to take place on 13th April.
So, on Sunday they went with the flow,
joined in with the crowds and enjoyed the atmosphere.
They watched the first man power home and cheered for Mo.
She felt the euphoria of the crowd and had a tear in her eye.
They left the masses for a while and lazed in the gardens,
the clapping and cheers a constant in the distance.
They lunched in Paternoster Square and then headed up to the roof terrace of 
One New Change for a different perspective of the city.
From the Golden Jubilee Bridge, they watched more runners ...
... and then descended to the road to cheer them on.
Young and old, they passed by, in their hundreds, many in obvious pain.
She was overwhelmed and humbled by their courage and sheer determination.
Just over a mile to the finish line.
They saw runners dressed as rhinos, Spiderman, 
Minions, clowns, carrying all manner of 'extras', 
men in tutus, couples holding hands vowing to finish together, 
some laughing, some crying.
They shouted for Dave, Mick, Diana and Iva, spurring them on.  
They high fived.
They were so glad they were there.
She even quietly whispered she would quite like to give it a go ...
It was the perfect end to a weekend spent being proper tourists.
They allowed Little Man two choices ...
and so 'endured' a very crowded Science Museum again,
followed by the Tower of London ...
The last time she saw the Crown Jewels she was just nine years old.
She had forgotten just how astoundingly beautiful they are.
Priceless bejeweled crowns, tiaras, orbs and swords.
Solid gold tableware and the enormous Royal Punch Bowl - 
one of the most amazingly extravagant items she has ever seen.
And then, there was the Armoury, which fascinated Little Man ...
he stared in wonder at the many silvered suits, 
the artillery and the instruments of torture.
The half timbered buildings on Tower Green stand in stark contrast
to the spire of The Shard rising skywards behind.
These were one of just a handful of buildings in the vicinity
 to survive the Great Fire of London in 1666 ...

They paid their obligatory visit to the Tate Modern, 
to see how the expansion is coming along and play in the Turbine Hall!
The city was busy, noisy and crowded ...
sharpening their lazy senses,
colourful, joyous and exciting.
they were jostled as they walked,
they were squashed onto tube trains
and divebombed by pigeons.
But their hotel by the river was a peaceful haven
with a far reaching view of harbour and skyline ...
... and in the morning they were enveloped by a crimson sunrise.


Maria said...

WOW you were in the crowd..Mr Rosey tinted spec's watched from start to finish..As he does every year..Saying the very same thing " It's not just talent that makes a great runner, you have to have much, much more, dedication, commitment and the biggest will in the world to succeed"!! Great to see your photo's Mrs VJ..And glad you had a super time..We love London too..
With hugs maria x

Art and Sand said...

I loved my tour of the Tower of London and although my only visit to England was in the summertime, the skyline in the final photo looks familiar.

How fun to enjoy a nice getaway.

I laugh because we are spending our Easter weekend in Sacramento which is our state's capital. But, it is nowhere near as picturesque.

Amy at love made my home said...

Sounds as though you had a great time!! Glad that you enjoyed the unexpected addition of the marathon! xx

Vix said...

I'd forgotten all about the marathon, I've been in a bubble for days! Glad you had a lovely time and the sun shone! xxx

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina, May is getting closer!
I count the hours. ;o))
I'll see you soon soon, *Maristella*.
(with translator)

Flaming Nora said...

What a fantastic weekend! We all loved the tower of London, and yes the torture chamber was a huge hit in our house too!

Flaming Nora said...

What a fantastic weekend! We all loved the tower of London, and yes the torture chamber was a huge hit in our house too!

rusty duck said...

I used to work in London, it was coloured (badly) by the awful commute in and out every day. I would love to go back now that I can view it through different eyes. A lot will have changed!

The Dainty Dolls House said...

What a marvellous time, these pictures are amazing!! I haven't been down to London in so long. I will have to venture soon. Everyone did marvellous running, not sure I'd last running, but it is so cool!! xx

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dear friend, there is no sport more thrilling for ME, than a marathon. There is so much metaphor for me in this RACE and your presentation here today is one of extreme beauty. The setting in which one can boast the history and the prize: JEWELS, is such a strong visual example to me of what the race of life is like. We are running a race not for material prizes, but for the JEWELS of wisdom, of what hope has for us, for love. How fitting is this London Marathon and especially after such a brave race through winter for many people in the world.May the joy of spring be our earthly prize, and LOVE and COURAGE be our eternal crown. Muchlove, Anita

Madelief said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Happy Easter Jane!

Madelief x

Down by the sea said...

It must have been so good to watch and encourage those running in the Marathon. Your trip looks wonderful!
Sarah x

Kristie Franklin said...

Hi Marina,

WOW, what a jam packed weekend! You all saw a lot in a short time. I bet the race was cool to watch. I could never make it through a marathon...no way, no how! LOL.

It would be so fascinating to see the Crown Jewels and that Armoury would be neat to see as well. All in all I bet you had a wonderful time. I envy you!

Wishing you, husband and lil man a wonderful and happy Easter!

Love to You,