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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Conquering Fears

She has many fears ... spiders, the dark, shellfish, rollercoasters ...
But her biggest fear has always been water.
She can swim but cannot bear to be out of her depth or put her face under water.
When she was 9 years old, on holiday in Mallorca, happily playing in the pool,
in a warm, sunny, world of her own, three burly guys jumped in on top of her.
She was pushed to the bottom of the pool and panicked, gulping water.
Her pop jumped in to save her, forgetting he couldn't swim!
Her mom, who can't swim either, screamed.
When little VJ was pulled to the surface she was spluttering and very scared ...
it lived with her for a long time and she lost all confidence in the water.
A few days ago they were treated to a fabulous time by their very bestest BFF's.
They ate and drank and played.  BUT there was water too, lots and lots of it!
VJ paddled around while the others swam the rapids and plunged down slides.
Then they persuaded her to try the rapids too ... she was scared, very scared.
Mr VJ promised to hold her all the way.
She screamed and shook and demanded to get out part way round ... but she couldn't!
She made it right to the very end and even went under, just a little bit!
And then she did it again and again ... and even tried it on her own!

Thanks you so much guys.  


Embroidery has always scared her too!
It looks so difficult ... she has always been too scared to try,
in case she got it all wrong and had to admit defeat.
But her mom and pop have a very special day approaching ...  
50 years of wedded bliss.
VJ really wants to make them a special fabric book.  
She has been inspired by the wonderful talents of
Her first effort provided a little pocket for a diddy horseshoe.
She wants to make pages brimming with photos, pretty fabric scraps, 
little momentoes, lacy decoration and special words ...

She made a teeny, tiny envelope too, 
and popped in an old penny, ha'penny and two silver sixpences,
all dated 1963.

and added a few lines of verse ...
... but it really needs embroidery too.
So she took a needle and gave it a go ...
Her first stitches.  
And .. it really wasn't too bad at all.
She only unpicked it once.
In fact she quite enjoyed it and really may be capable of more.
After all, she has until September!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

The embroidery is marvellous & I used to be scared of the water, but now I love it. I just jumped in and kicked as hard as I could. Have a great day xx

WILLIE........! said...

HeHe! I don't like water either...
I get giddy, shaving in the morn'in...! And, as for a shower...Must have my armbands...!

If l manage to get up to Sherborne this Sat. I'll bring you something to show you, that a nine year old Sicilian boy did....???.
Hope you'll be there...

freckleface said...

What a horrendous thing for those men to do, just can't understand why they would.

Well done for facing your fears, that takes real guts. Your gift to your parents is going to be enchanting. xx

Hesta Nesta said...

You were very brave, I know how you feel because like you I can swim but I can't stand going out of my depth, or think about what's swimming around underneath me as I have a major fish phobia! I must say that the place you went looks fantastic, where is it please? Your fabric book for your parents is a lovely idea and something they will treasure, and your embroidery is marvellous.
Jo xx

Greenorchid said...

Good for you... yes fear can be so debilitating but when faced brings such freedom and it spreads!!
Fantastic that you've released your inner embroiderist... look forward to seeing your new adventures... Smiles Cass x

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Yes, good for you. Always hard to overcome fears but oh boy when you do.....freedom! xx

Things and Thoughts said...

Your embroidery is excellent.Yes,I agree, we have to look our fears in the eyes!In that way they become weaker.
Big hugs! Olympia

YeamieWaffles said...

For somebody so nervy about embroidery you have done an amazing job Jane so don't worry about it one bit! It's always a good idea to face your fears regardless if it's water or anything, great post.

rusty duck said...

I have the same fear and never got over it. I can't even get on a boat. Before the Channel Tunnel if we went to France Mike took the car on the ferry and I got the plane!

The book is going to be gorgeous. I love it. Fabric, colours, lace, embroidery - beautiful.

Melanie said...

Congratulations on your blossoming friendship with water! What great friends to encourage you in a safe way.
Your embroidery/sewing/book project is beautiful.

Vintage Tea Time said...

I, too, empathise with you re the water - I was pushed into a swimming pool (before I could swim!) as a child - nightmare! I learned to swim in my late twenties finally. Now I more or less love it - though not in the sea! The embroidery's going to be wonderful - well done! x

blackenpot said...

I understand her fear, so good she has overcome it. I'm sure this fabric book will be beautiful!

ted and bunny said...

gallop a horse cross country? Fine.
Swim? not a chance! I even have to hold on in the bath!

Maria said...

Ooh how wonderful is your gift to your dear Mum and Dad...They will treasure it, Mrs VJ....As for water, I am with you here...I cannot and will not DO water...Really pleased you let your fear go to the wind and had a wonderful time! With kindest thoughts.....Maria x

A Normandy kitchen said...

You poor thing, that's a horrible memory from the pool, but well done for facing the water park!! Spiders I have to agree with you. Your fabric book looks really wonderful!

A Treasured Past said...

Water can be so much fun, yet so dangerous too. I don't think you will ever forget, but how wonderful that you could conquer your fears and have fun again. The water park looks really cool, where is it by chance?

I LOVE your little book and the embroidery is fantastic! What were you afraid of? Now there will be no stopping you.

Take care, Tam x

greenthumb said...

How awful for you to have a fear of water, glad you ended up having fun. Your book is going to be so lovely.

nilly said...

Hello fellow Scaredy Cat!
We picked up our youngest from the local airport yesterday - his first trip by plane & he loved it. I was panicked by just being in an airport - I must've thought someone might kidnap me & put me on a plane!

Jen said...

As one who has many fears I think it was very brave of you to try the rapids. DId you start to enjoy it.

I love all of your fabric/stitchery--that envelope is adorable. The idea for the book is wonderful!

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina.
Foto meravigliose, ma anche i ricami sono deliziosi! :):)
Un abbraccio, a presto, *Maristella*.

haggiz said...

That looks like centre parcs am I right? I'n not confident in the water at all but couldn't resist the rapids! I couldn't build up to trying any of the slides though. The present for your parents is absolutely beautiful. Julie x

The Custards said...

How lovely and what a special gift it will make.

Fully identify with swimming - I very nearly drowned when I was a child (saved by some fishermen and my sister) and fear of water ever since. However when Dom and I took a year off to 'tra la la' I took lessons so that I could swim on the Great Barrier Reef. I cannot say I like swimming but I can do three strokes in a row...just!
Best wishes

June said...

You're braver than me! I had a similar bad experience - a friend(!) tried to drown me when I was 8 or 9 - that thought has stayed with me and I have to have my feet touching the bottom or else I freak out. Love the embroidery!

Madelief said...

So brave to overcome your fear. Your embroidery looks very pretty!

Happy weekend,

Madelief x

demie said...

I got very touched by your story...
I am really happy for you!
Conquering Fears. That life all about.

Love the embroideries : )

Happy Easter to you!

demie said...

I got very touched by your story...
I am really happy for you!
Conquering Fears. That life all about.

Love the embroideries : )

Happy Easter to you!

Red Rose Alley said...

My husaband and son are surfers and go out into the waters all the time, and I'm always telling them to come in a bit closer. I know how to swim, but it seems like it's been ages.

The embroidery is very nice. I think it is such a talent when one can embroider.

Have a wonderful week,
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

humphreycumfycushion said...

Your anniversary makes are charming - such sweet ideas. Understand your feeling on water - it terrifies me, especially if related to a bridge arrrrh!

Meg said...

What a lovely sweet blog you have and I am looking forward to following more. It's strange I found it this morning as last night I was on Ancestry website tracing my family who go back 8 generations in Somerset! Meg xx

Kelly-Marie said...

You are very clever (and brave!) Congratulations on over coming your fears and on creating such a beautiful present. I'm sure they are going to be thrilled with their book, such a thoughtful gift. xxx

In My Wild Eden said...

I understand the water fear. I almost drown 3 times as a child (not because of neglectful parents). I became terrified of learning to swim. My mom wanted me to learn so I could feel comfortable. I kept taking the beginning class over and over but could never move on. So my mom put a pool in the back yard. She spent time with me and let me get comfortable. I could take my time and control how deep I went. Before long I was swimming like a fish. I'm so glad you were able to have fun in the water. I love your fabric book. What a beautiful gift for your parents.

Lazy Daisy Jones said...

Hate swimming .... love your stitchery....

D xxx

PS where did you go?

thesnailgarden said...

Congratulations on facing your fears. I too am afraid of deep water even though I can swim.

Gorgeous needlework - such a treat for your parents' 50th.

Best wishes, Pj x