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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Patriotic and Proud

They got lucky … tickets to see the Olympic swimmers.

And so … in the weak morning sun they waited on a small town station platform,
excited and expectant. 
They spent a day in the city, just walking.
Outside London Waterloo station ... a gargantuan 'shot put',
apparently "thrown down to Earth by the Olympian Gods"!
Their first sighting of the recently completed Shard.
The tallest building in Europe.
Wenlock appears everywhere in numerous guises.
The oil tanks at the Tate Modern are now open, 
providing a vast visual and sensory gallery space.
They cruised on the Thames Clipper down to Greenwich ...
... and took a ride on the Emirates cable car across the Thames to the Royal Docks
300ft up with expansive views of London.  
They could just see the Olympic park in the distance.
They had dinner at St Pancras and spent the night in a cheap fleapit nearby.
Gaudi-esque decoration.
Reminder of a bygone age.
Early the next morning, 
they boarded the new Javelin train and sped to Stratford.
Joining a myriad army of red, white and blue, she felt tears sting.
Unbidden pride swelling. 
Little man entering into the team spirit!
The athletics stadium, surrounded by swathes of wild flower meadow, 
designed as a constantly changing patchwork of colour.  

Corn marigolds, California poppies, prairie tickseed and star-of-the-Veldt,
threaded with cornflowers.
 As the Games progress, the meadows will turn to gold.

The atmosphere in the Aquatics centre was unlike anything she had ever experienced.
An incredible intensity of support.
Deafening roars, phenomenally loud,
mass encouragement, pushing them on.
Watching more events later at 'Live Park West'

All cynicism gone - everything amazingly well organised, 
really helpful stewards, no queues.  No stress.
A fantastic achievement.
The Royal barge, Gloriana, carried the Olympic flame into the Park,
 and is now moored for all to see for the duration of the games.

Well done Team GB.
We're loving the gold rush!


Vintage Sheet Addict said...

We should all be so proud of our athletes, they have done so well! Ada :)

YeamieWaffles said...

These photos are incredible Jane and I think that you're truly lucky to get the opportunity to go around London and attend an Olympic event and then a ceremony watching the events too, it's great that you enjoyed it so much. I think London have done an amazing job hosting and our athletes have done us so proud!

Isobel said...

Wow! What a lovely day you had!
I am very proud of Team GB too. :)

Flaming Nora said...

OOh lucky lucky you! I have been absolutely glued to the olympics. Going to be feeling somewhat bereft when its all over.

Hesta Nesta said...

Absolutely fantastic pictures and a lovely post Jane. My hubby and son went on Sunday to see the synchronised swimming (more to get into the Olympic Park really) and then stayed over to see the weightlifting on Monday. They said the same as you, it was well organised and the atmosphere was electric! I have loved every moment watching it on TV and have shed a tear or two I don't mind admitting. We have done so well and it makes you proud to be British. Have a great week.
Jo xx

Hesta Nesta said...

PS Forgot to add if you want something that has been used in the Olympic village or during the games google 'remains of the games' and they are selling off everything that has been used either by the athletes or during the games. We've ordered a wooden bathmat so far..who knows one of our athletes could have used it in their room!!
Jo xx

Vix said...

Lovely pictures, I didn't realise the Gloriana was so fabulously gaudy, I like it!!
Feeling tremendously proud of all our athletes. I keep getting all weepy! xxx

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for the great photos. I'm so glad you got to go to the games and "roam" London. I'm sure it will be an experience you and your family won't forget.

Congratulations to all the athletes who have competed in the Olympic Games they are all winners in my book. :) I think GB has done a fantastic job of hosting. :)

June said...

Great photos. I only wish that we had tickets for the Games - sigh! Team GB had done brilliantly well - hard to know who will be Sports Personality of the Year.

Deborah said...

Wow, thanks for sharing your day :)

Bee happy x

Veshoevius said...

Wonderful photos - I'd been wondering what that giant golden ball was! A shotput - how did I not see that.
Lucky you! Would have loved to see the swimming!

Jelly Jam said...

Lucky you! I must admit, being completely non-sporty I wasn't at all excited about the big O. But now... I'm loving it, the athletics and swimming in particular!

Maria said...

Hello there, I enjoyed this postie very much!
We have Olympic fever in our house at the moment and really believe our GB team have put the' Great' back into Britain.
Your memories will stay with you forever!
Love Maria x

Hesta Nesta said...

Hi Jane
I wonder why I appear as a no reply?? I know blogger does have problems from time to time, sometimes it won't let me leave a comment on someone's post at all! My email is hestanesta@hotmail.co.uk. Lovely to hear from you.
Jo xx

nilly said...

These photos are so fab showing things I didn't realise were happening - like the amazing cable cars and the fantastic art, like the shot put ball, all over the place. Wish I was there!

Fading Grace said...

Oh wow it all looks amazing lucky you! I have been watching snippets on telly as am not very sporty but we are doing soooo well. its great.
Love the wild flowers so pretty xx

Miss Simmonds Says said...

That looks fantastic - lovely photos as ever. I didn't know about the meadows, what a lovely idea

*Maristella* said...

Hi Marina.
Che bella esperienza state vivendo! Ho visto che avete anche un bel sole, voi che lo amate tanto, sono contenta!
Un caro saluto, *Maristella*.

The Cloth Shed said...

What a great time you have had in London and thank you for showing me things I didn't know were there...the giant shot put and the amazing Emirates cable car across the Thames.
Let's hope the Games inspires us all to move forward positively.."patriotic and proud" should be our motto.
Julie x

ted and bunny said...

it's just totally awesome isn't it,
and yes, all sceptiscm has gone far far away!

helen tilston said...

Hello Jane

What a fabulous experience and your images are so wonderful. Thanks for this indepth account of your experience.
I rarely watch TV but in the past 2 weeks have watched more than in the past 5 yrs. I loved it and I think it was one of the best Olympics. Take a bow for England.

Helen xx.

Favourite Vintage Finds said...

Wonderful photos! Love Gloriana! xo

Kelly-Marie said...

Oh how wonderful! I'm so glad you had a lovely time. After all that panic about how awful it was going to be i'm so glad they proved us all wrong. Funnily enough London was the quitest I have ever known it. I'm so proud of how well we did. :-)
Thank you for your lovely words on my shell grotto post, so kind and it really means a lot to me. I will definitely take you up on your offer if I need to.
Hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather. xxx