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Thursday, 19 July 2012


Among the list of blogs I follow, there is one called 'Black Woman, White Country'.  This blog was started by an amazing woman called Waris Dirie, who some of you may remember as a Pirelli calendar model.  However, her story is a poignant and harrowing one that should be read by every woman.  Some time ago I wrote a post about her and her work which you can read here.  Once you have read it you will understand why I am horrified by the statement highlighted in red below.

Extracted from Waris' blog ...

On July 14th the UK’s first ever conference on FGM led by young people will take place at the University of Bristol. The conference is organised by Integrate Bristol, which won this year´s 'Young Voice Award' for the FGM movie 'Silent Scream'.

The conference aims to educate health, education and legal professionals on the devastating impact of FGM and how they can help prevent it.  It also aims to encourage young people from across the country to come together for the first time and discuss the wider implications of FGM and the current political indifference to the issue.

The organisers of this ground breaking conference on Female Genital Mutilation claim that politicians are too scared of being called racist and won’t tackle fundamental failures in the child protection system, which are putting thousands of girls at risk of abuse every year. They claim, that unlike many other European countries, the UK is failing to tackle FGM and as a result girls are being mutilated with impunity.  The organisers are calling for more robust warning and control systems to be put in place to flag up vulnerable children if they are taken out of the country.

Why is this happening ... in the UK ... in 2012?!


Hoping to catch up with some blog reading later.

Little man has been in hospital for a few days and so our life stopped for a while, 
to hold his hand and will the air into his heaving chest.
My heart was breaking watching him struggling to breathe,
Thankfully, he is back up to speed now and brimming with his usual boundless energy.
Boy, you scared us little one.


Anonymous said...


I can't believe this! It's simply inconceivable to me that this can happen in this day and age without any safeguards in place to stop it. I believe true change starts at the local level and grows from the ground up. Hopefully, this conference will educate and acknowledge the seriousness of this problem.

I'm so happy that little man is home now and back up to speed. Nothing is worse than watching your child when he or she is ill. :) ♥♥

YeamieWaffles said...

I'm so glad to hear that the little one is feeling so much better although at the same time I feel sad that it got that far, thank God he's on the mend now Jane. The post above really moved me too, what an inspiring woman, just like Kris says I truly hope this might actually educate people that this kind of thing exists.

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

It's absolute madness that this is allowed to go on. We manage to speak out about issues like child soldiers, forced marriage and witch doctor 'exorcisms' without race coming into it

Glad your son is better, so heart-stoppingly horrible when they are that unwell.

Anne said...

You are absolutely right in that the authorities wont clamp down on such issues for fear of being targeted as racist.It was for the same reason they would not address the grooming of young girls issue by predominantly one group of men. We should be worried about the young girls involved in these horrors rather than worrying about whether we are being politically correct.It is the wrongdoers who know our country has this PC policy and are using it to perpetrate their horrible practices.

vintageandart said...

What a frightening thought and hard to believe...thanks for being brave and illuminating these issues more....glad your young man is feeling better and is back to health.

nilly said...

Life! Doesn't it just whack you where it really hurts every so often. Keep smiling - but stay angry too!

A Treasured Past said...

I remember reading your first post. It is so very sad. It should not be happening anywhere this day and age.I hope change is very near.

My gosh! I can imagine you were beside yourself when the little man was in hospital, thank goodness he is doing well now.

vintage grey said...

This is horrible that this is still happening! Thank you for sharing. So sorry about your little one! Will be praying for him, but glad he is doing better! xo Heather

Jo said...

I have heard of but never imagined that this barbaric practice is still being done, let alone being done in our country...!! I have read your previous blog with horror. It just doesn't make sense that this horrendous act is being carried out on children - by women - surely they realise what severe pain & complications it can bring?
What a brave woman to stand up & speak out....

Sorry to hear you've been through the mill with your son. I'm so glad he's much better.

Veshoevius said...

A very important issue - it's terrible that politicians care more about being politically correct than doing their duty to ensure that all their citizens live in a civil society protected from harm.
Fantastic post.
I hope your little one is feeling better.