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Friday, 16 December 2011

Diamonds & Twirls at the Buttercross

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to have a stall at the fabulous Buttercross Vintage Christmas Market in Somerton.

This was the second Buttercross market and it takes its name from the octagonal roofed market cross building situated just across the road in the centre of this wonderful little market town.
I had forgotten to pack little Maisie in one of my boxes when loading up the car the night before so as a treat she journeyed in my basket on the front seat instead!
The vibe was festive and happy. 
I had a pair of these lovely big plates but my customer only wanted one.  Seemed such a shame to split them up, but hey ho, another lucky person will get to appreciate the other one.  Nobody bought Maisie but she was happy to come home!
Joyous carols played.
Through the doors came Victory rolls and crimson lips.  Unknowing Lolitas in wellies and brown.  A beauty twirling in a velvet robe.  There were celebrities too.
A gorgeous display of tiaras and other sparklies from Louise Walrond
A lady of 93 ("I am you know") regaled tales of childhood memories - "times twas 'ard, but we 'ad fun".
Knitted joy and other handmade treats from Eliza Tootsweet
The cutest little 'tooth fairy teddies' from Bubs Bears who also handmake patchwork bears from your baby's first clothes - what a fantastic idea. 
Delicious treats and fantastic soup with huge chunks of homely bread.
I loved these goblets and the letters but sadly no 'M' or 'J'.

Looking forward to the next Buttercross Vintage Market on 28th April.

I took the day off work yesterday purely to attack our neglected house with hoover and duster.  Balls of dust were skimming across the floors like tumbleweed and little man commented that the picture on the TV wasn't very clear ... hmmm, it was the layer of dust.  Piles of paper seemed to be covering every surface, the washing mountain was threatening a landslip and I had my own natural garlands hanging from corner to corner ... of the cobweb variety.  Things are looking a little more shipshape now AND I even found time to nip out and have breakfast with four very lovely girlfriends - crispy bacon baps all round ... Mrs Fruit did you have to tell Mr about the huge slab of carrot cake as well??!!!


Jen said...

Buttercross! In the U.S. we don't have such colorful names, and it looks like you had fun. Wish I could have been there. Can't believe no one bought Maisie. Everything is so cute--love the gold ribbon around the books, and that floral painting, and all those children's book illustrations (or books?) with the phone on them.

Anonymous said...

Lots, of very lovely items and a fun place to be. Shame, Maisie will hopefully find a home soon!

What are bacon baps! I love carrot cake!!


Fading Grace said...

It was a lovely market.
Its so satisfying having a good clean, I hate cleaning but love it when its tidy :-)

fabriquefantastique said...

wish we had vintage fairs...I have this 'thing' about jugs

The Cloth Shed said...

Glad I am not alone with the tumbleweed and dust....I think it becomes even more apparent at this time of year when guests are due!
Julie x

Anne said...

Maisie is gorgeous, I dont know how you can bear to part with her! I dont think I would be a very good seller I would want to keep everything!

A Treasured Past said...

Cobweb garlands, sound like our place at the moment. We are having 20 over for Christmas day so I'd better get cleaning too!

Enjoy the leadup to Christmas, Tam x

Hello Vintage said...

Just found your blog and think I am going to enjoy it. I can't believe nobody has bought Maisie yet, she is a real cutie. Sherry :)

Laurie said...

Oh what a fun market! I love that green doggie planter and I would have snapped up that plate (both of them!) in a heartbeat! It looks like a lovely time!