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Thursday, 14 July 2011

When she was a young punk ...

... (many moons ago), she would never have believed it, if she had been told that one day she would be making chutney and candles!

Take two mangoes (these were so ripe they were nearly walking - it's better if they are a bit firmer), chop into rough dice and put into a large pan. 

Add one small finely chopped onion (red is better but I only had white), six tablespoons of soft brown sugar, six tablespoons of red wine vinegar and two tablespoons of mustard seeds (should be black seeds but I only had white)!

Leave to bubble over a low heat for about 30 mins and pot up into a sterilised jar.  We never eat this mango chutney in the trad way with a curry, but prefer to have it with sausages or cold meats which it seems to partner to perfection.

Did you spot Mr's favourite knife?  It was given to him by his grandmother and is a Graham Kerr - Galloping Gourmet original.  Anyone remember him?!

Having amassed a fair collection of pretty cups recently, I spent an afternoon topping up my supplies of cup candles ready for the autumn and Christmas fairs (apologies for my use of the 'C' word in July!).  Here are just a few ...

 Fresh and pretty Theodora.

 Hand painted thistles and rosehips adorn Bernadette.  It's pink and gold for dinky little Bonnie.

Anne - shapely and perfectly formed.

Ettie - a tea dance regular.

... and how cute is Bobby?  The wax is as white as snow and the little bunnies on the inside rim look as though they are frolicking in it!

No cups are hurt in the making of my candles.  I use eco soy wax flakes which burn much slower and last much longer.  When burnt down the wax residue can be simply washed away in normal washing up water and the cup can be used again.


Alix said...

Lovely teacup candles - a very pretty selection! My mouth is watering (and my eyes too!) at the thought of that delicious sounding chutney!

KC'sCourt! said...

Must try mango chutney with sausages! I eat homemade chutney with cheese on toast.
I remember the Galloping Gourmet Graham Kerr, and my dad can still take the carcass from a whole chicken as he did once!
Love the teacup candles
Julie xxxxxxxx

greenthumb said...

Love the idea of the mango chutney, and how great are those tea cups so pretty.

A Treasured Past said...

The cup candles are so great, I really must try to make a few. Hope you are doing well, Tam x

The Cloth Shed said...

Pretty cups and what a sweet idea to give them names. The bunnies frolicking in the "snow" is a master stroke....you stopped just at the right time!
Yes, I remember the Galloping Gourmet too...
Julie x

Liz said...

Love the teacup candles! Are they easy to make?
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

mrs cheese said...

Oh the Galloping Gourmet, now there's a blast from the past......
I have a VERY ripe mango so I'll give this recipe a whirl, ta ever so xx