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Monday, 13 June 2011

Where have my followers gone??!

Please help me before I tear out what little hair I have!

Is anyone else having a problem viewing their followers?  I can't see mine and can't see anyone else's either.  Anyone have any idea how I can get them back?


Pomona said...

I can see them on your sidebar - mine have occasionally disappeared from the Dashboard, but they tend to come back a day or so later. If the problem continues you could try the Blogger help forum - I have found solutions to problems there on several occasions.

Pomona x

Anonymous said...

Hi Same as above really - mine also temporarily vanished once and I was horrified that my lovely followers would think I had deleted them ! anyway they came back a few days later thank goodness
ps. I wish they would sort this commenting thing out, I am still typing my blog name and using anonymous?!
Sue Vintage from the Village

Vintage Tea Time said...

Same for me - they've been coming and going. I'm a bit beyond caring, with Blogger! Abby x

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
We are so sorry. Yes, we have over the last week or so experienced exactly the same problem. One minute the Followers are there, the next they are gone, often for several hours if not a day or so.

As we write this yours are visible to us. You might try changing to Google Chrome, qite easy and instant, which seems to be a little more reliable than Google. But clearly there is a major problem with Blogger.

Above all do not worry!

Jane Aston said...

I deleted Google Chrome to free up memory and I lost my followers. I reinstated Google Chrome and they came back.
Have you changed anything lately?

Don't worry.

Vintage Jane said...

Thanks everyone - it's as if Blogger is taunting me. Just as I threw a complete wobbly they have all come back!

Rose H (UK) said...

Mine have been coming and going as well, I'm just putting up with it! I used Internet Explorer that has recently updated to Explorer 9 - that was when my troubles began! If you are having problems leaving comments uncheck 'stay signed in' on Google sign in, that appears to work.
I think Blogger is taunting everyone, grrrr! :o(

*Maristella* said...

Hi Jane ... do not worry, it's a problem with google.
Everything will be in order only
A dear greeting, *Maristella*.
(with translator)

Alix said...

Blogger does seem to have some glitches recently, ever since the time it went down completely for nearly 24 hours. I can see your followers - I'm on 'Safari', not sure if that makes the difference. Hope it is resolved for you soon - frustrating!