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Monday, 6 June 2011

A walk around my 'hood ...

Last weekend, after a day of constant rain, the heaven’s buckets were finally depleted by early evening and we decided to go for a quick walk around one of our favourite circuits and fill our lungs with some fresh air before supper.

A quick stomp through the puddles along our street leads to a country path.  There was a freshness in the air and you could almost feel the relief of the greenery as their roots eagerly sucked up the long awaited moisture draining through the hard packed earth.  Across the stone bridge and into the fields, following swaying cows, slowly plodding in for milking. 

The river surprisingly full considering how little rain we have had over the past months.

We love this sculptural tree stump – ferociously attacked by lightning several years back, it now rises out of the water like a hungry beast.

Across the bridge and back again … just because. 

Back into the village – the splendid old Court House (the local grammar school for over 200 years) and imposing 13th century church.

Gateway to the Treasurer’s House; a medieval building completed in 1293, and now the oldest inhabited house in Somerset . 

The Market House and Market Cross

Colourful front gardens for passersby to share.

My favourite house - straight out of the Brothers Grimm tales remembered from my childhood

More pretty gardens

… and back to ‘our place’, the aroma of slow cooked beef welcoming us home, lungs filled with fresh, rain washed air, limbs stretched and tummy’s empty.


Now that I have posted these photos I realise how bad they are - the light was not good at all.  I wanted to capture our walk, as an indulgent reminder of a lovely walk for ourselves.  Not really intended as a blog post, tonight I decided to share it and now realise it looks nowhere near as picturesque as it was in real life!  Hey-ho!


Susy said...

Hello Jane, who have wonderful places to walk! The Somerset is lovely, I have been there several times:
A hug
Susy x

My Spotty Pony said...

Your photos are just wonderful! I was with you on that walk, every step of the way, and it was marvelous. Pity I missed out on the beef though!
Abby x

Vintage Sunday said...

Oh no ~ your photos were just wonderful! I so enjoyed my 'walk' along with you, and loved the snippets of history too ~ thank you so much for sharing it with us! Love Brenda

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Marina:
What a wonderful walk and all so close to home [and that roasting beef!]. The little stone bridge is a delight whilst the village and its setting are, indeed, so very English. A lovely county in which to live and, for us a positive bonus, the sea never too far away.

The Cloth Shed said...

What a beautiful place.
I thoroughly enjoyed your walk through the village.... handsome buildings, pretty gardens, river and fields.....roast beef... England at its best!
Julie x

Liz said...

Your photos are lovely. The strange tree stump does look like a weird creature! The buildings are just lovely.

Gretel said...

The photos are still lovely! I thought I was in the Cotswolds for a moment, looking at the stone.

Rose H (UK) said...

All I can say is that if those photos aren't 'right' I can't imagine the REAL beauty!
I love your garden path - so welcoming :o)
Thanks for taking us along with you.
Have a great week
Rose H

Vintage Jane said...

Hi Jane & Lance,

One of the best things about Somerset is that the tourists all drive straight past and head for Devon and Cornwall. They don't realise what they are missing!
Thankfully, we don't usually have to join a queue to get to the coast as we tend to go later in the afternoon when most people are coming home.

Vintage Tea Time said...

A lovely post - I enjoyed that walk! Pretty gardens and houses. Abby x

Anonymous said...

LOVE your photos!!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. YES!!!of course you are welcome to join Bloggers'Bodega. It is FREE and lots of fun:)
~Debra xxx
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