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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

From frazzled to chilled ...

Felt a bit like this today ...
Huge list of jobs to do and not a tick against one of them.  Spent all day tidying, tweaking, sprucing, nudging, moving, faffing and achieved nothing!  But went to Mrs Fruit's charity Zumba class tonight and feel nicely chilled now.  Soup's done - Sophies Grigson's famed Curried Parsnip - used up a bag of 'wrong side of right' parsnips, one jaded sweet potato, some gently warming spices and lots of fab Lidl garlic.  Each little bulb is one clove if that makes sense; so there are no separate cloves inside just one big one.  It comes in a little basket of about nine bulbs and is great value at 89p.

... with smoky Black Forest ham, cheese and wild garlic toasts.

Next, just a few of this week's finds ...

Some lovely old Dairy scales

Very pretty 1950’s flower print

and some carded mending thread.  I am probably going to take the thread off these and make some haberdashery themed greetings cards with bits of lace and old buttons.  I made some before and need to replenish stocks as most have now gone.

I also bought a stash of plain linen rectangles that are currently awaiting laundering and will make good tea towels/glass cloths.
All will be coming to the next fair with me.  Cottage is just bursting at the seams at the mo so not allowing myself to keep anything! 


Vintage Tea Time said...

That garlic looks a lot easier than faffing about with lots of bulbs - must get som. Yummy-looking food! I like the scales! Abby x

My Spotty Pony said...

Off to Lidl tomorrow, that garlic looks the biz.
Hope you get your big list ticked off. A x

Primchick said...

ooo I hate those dayz when you run around like a headless chicken but nothing really gets done... nice 'finds' tho... :oD