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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Vintage sweaters, pants and tanks ...

As a non knitter I am strangely drawn to vintage knitting patterns; I guess it's not so much about the pattern but the eras they portray, the suave gents modelling with their pipes, little boys in bow ties and some very prim young ladies!  These are a few that I came across recently ...

The description in this one reads, "a boy's clothes should make him look every inch a boy.  That is the secret of success ... throughout these neat fitting knickers and smartly striped jersey!"  Love the little dog.

A "love 'em, and leave 'em" kind of guy? 

The stylist really put some thought into this one! Love the gold suede trousers too!

love the coat ...

Sooo cute!

Just the sort of chap mother would have liked you to bring home ...  I must admit to loving a man with a pipe!

I adore little boys in tank tops - sadly my little man refuses to wear one now!

Just gorgeous

Every inch the sartorial country gent, complete with pewter mug

The coat, jester cap and knitted leggings in the top pic are apparently "a boys outfit"

Knitted cardi, bow tie and shorts ...

Bet these two would love a good 'Eurovision party'!

Fancies the photographer ...?

Knitted shorts and squidgy knees ... what's not to love?

Not so sure about this one ... matching trousers, jacket, hat and mitts may be a bit too much!


Working the look already!

I just need to learn how to knit now ... !


My Spotty Pony said...

I love these pictures, they really take me back to my childhood. My Scottish grandmother would often arrive at our home holding a knitted jumper and announce it was for "the wee bairn". I would have to wear the scratchy garment every time I saw her... thankfully, I did not have to suffer knitted knickers! :) Abby

Vintage Tea Time said...

They're great - I often browse the old knitting patterns in charity shops and sometimes buy them to make into cards! Love your comments! Abby x

The Cloth Shed said...

Brings back childhood memories for me too....I remember that Aran knitting pattern!
My brother and I had matching jumpers...no cardi for me I'm afraid...I was too much of a tomboy!
Julie x

Gretel said...

Oh they are great aren't they! I wonder what people will make of our pattern models from now, in 50 years time!

fabriquefantastique said...

I have that P&B helmet pattern, I have knitted several versions over the years.