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Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter Greetings

Wishing everyone a very happy and peaceful Easter. 

My little man made some sweet cards for his grandparents and some friends yesterday.  

Also, I would just like to say thank to all who are taking the time to read my blog - when I started it just a few weeks ago I really wasn't sure who would want to read about me, my life and my loves but have been absolutely amazed by the interest and the figures that the reading stats show.  So THANK YOU!

This beautiful peony is outside our front door.  It was already there when we first moved here and has flowered fantastically every year.  My wonderful granny had a peony just like it outside her front door and it reminds me of her every time I see it.  She was the best granny anyone could ever wish for.  She died when I was 19 and I still miss her now.  She was a no-nonsense Geordie, who knitted me socks, baked the best bread ever and gave me huge amounts of love.


mangocheeks said...

Happy Easter.

Love your little mans card, he's very talented.

Its kinda magic and wonderful how some things around us remind us of those now n longer with us x

Liz said...

Your son's cards are lovely. Call me sentimental, but I still have all the cards my boys made me when they were little! They are in their 20s now!

The Cloth Shed said...

You can't beat a no nonsense Geordie Grandma....so practical and down to earth.
I lost mine when I was 13 and still think about her even now.
Have a Happy Easter and I look forward reading more blog posts from you in the future...
Julie x