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Monday, 4 April 2011

A Challenge

Today, my first post.  I should wait and sort out my design, add some photos and make it 'me', but I can't wait.  I want to talk ...

Yesterday, a lovely lady offered me the ancient contents of her linen cupboard.  Four bulging bags of linens, lace and patchwork.  Be still, my beating heart ... but my elation soon abated as I realised most of the items were in a pretty sorry state.  Lots of holes, stains and the dreaded iron mould.  The haul came home with me but I have a challenge ahead.  Today, I have four piles - too bad (but still useful for scrap bags), bad (try and remove stains), not bad (mend) and ok (launder and starch)!  Tommorow the challenge will start.  I may regret ever setting eyes on this stash but will console myself with the fact that I am saving them for future generations.  It never ceases to amaze me how much effort went into making every single one of these works of art; for works of art they are in my eyes ... little doilies with froths of white edging, a light as air silk camisole with finely worked monogram and lace edging as fine as a cobweb, patchwork made from teeny hexagons of love worked over hundreds of hours, linen pillowslips, tablecloths for a dainty afternoon tea and so much more.  A life in fabric, stored in a musty cupboard will hopefully be brought to life again.   

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BusyLizzie said...

lovely blog header, welcome to the time wasting world of blogging.. haha. Lizzie x